The ABCs of Airbnb Hosting: A Guide to Getting Started

The ABC's of Hosting on Airbnb - Guesty

As the collaborative community grows, the home sharing platform shifts according to the direction that the community wants to take it. So, maybe you’re new to hosting on Airbnb, or maybe you’re an old Airbnb’er who wants to learn new tricks – but however well-versed you are in the language of Airbnb hosting, there’s always room to improve fluency.

In other words, to maximize your hosting success, it’s important to consistently stay on top of your proficiency in the art. That’s why we put together this guide to the ABCs of Airbnb hosting – an Airbnb Rosetta Stone, if you will.

How to Set Up Your Host Profile
A host profile is like your resume on Airbnb: use it to sell yourself to your ideal target guests. Read on for how to best express yourself, then leave the rest to us at Guesty.

How to Be an Airbnb Host
When learning how to be an Airbnb host, there are some valuable things to consider –both about the sharing culture & guest expectations. Here, we go over all the hosting advice that you seek.

How to List on Airbnb
An accurate Airbnb listing is vital for optimizing return, minimizing time & maximizing host reputation. Use this guide to get it right.

How to List on Airbnb: Photography Edition
Your potential guests read your listings’ photographic content before its textual content. These Airbnb listing tips will help you capture bookings through visuals.

How to Write Guest Reviews
The Airbnb review system adds a layer of familiarity & trust to the otherwise ‘strangers’ the community. Here’s how to tackle this process as a host.

How to Handle Bad Host Reviews
Apologize, talk it out, acknowledge fault… stay professional. There are a series of steps to take in handling a bad review to turn it around. Mastering these will help you maintain the awesome reputation you deserve on Airbnb.

How to Screen Potential Guests
There are ways for hosts to select trustworthy guests so these strangers will be…less strange. Here are tips for how to use Airbnb to screen potential guests.

How to Price Your Listing
Airbnb has just released new smart pricing tool that analyzes host activity, relevant guest demand, and competitive rates.

How To Get More Bookings With Better Airbnb SEO
Airbnb’s search rankings reward both strategy & creativity. Here’s how to get more Airbnb bookings through both channels while bumping up SEO along the way.

The ABCs of Airbnb Hosting: A Guide to Getting Started
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