Countless hours and dozens of spreadsheets later, your financials continue to be one of the most tedious and critical areas of your business. See how our platform can help.

You need an easier way to get paid for your bookings.

With Guesty’s Payment Processing, we take care of charging your guests to make it simple for you to get paid. Set up payment policies for each of your properties to tell us when and how much to charge your guests, and then we’ll collect and initiate the processing.

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You’re getting buried in numbers calculating your homeowners’ revenue.

You need to get paid, but you’ve got others to pay too – and everyone is owed something different. With Guesty’s Automation Tools, you have the power to automate your revenue sharing.

This will calculate how much you & your homeowners are each owed for every booking, so the info you need is already there waiting for you when it’s time to transfer the funds.

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It’s too tedious to tally up how much commission you owe to booking channels for each reservation.

Another booking, another commission you owe to that booking channel. Guesty’s Revenue Share will calculate how much commission you owe for each booking.

The hours of time saved isn’t the only perk here — you can also rest easy knowing you’re paying the right amount at the right time.

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You need to properly collect taxes to avoid paying them out of pocket.

Depending on different factors like location, you have an obligation to collect specific taxes with each booking. Set up Tax Rules specific to each property, and Guesty will automatically charge guests for their due taxes right at the time of booking.

With these rules, you’ll know your loose ends are tied as we handle your collection of dues like City Tax, Local Tax, VAT, Tourism tax and Goods and Services tax.

Collect the right amount at the right time to avoid needing to pay the difference to make up for any mistakes.

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