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Out With iCal, in With Guesty

February 05, 2019 |

How Our Syncing Tools Centralize Your Business in One Place

Leave Basic Behind

As a short-term property manager who’s getting multiple reservations for multiple properties across multiple platforms (say that 5x fast), you need an efficient way to keep track of it all. For a long time, the industry turned to iCalendar, or iCal, which seemed like the best solution for consolidating all of that dispersed data. And at the time, it probably was.

However, as a means of sharing information between all your calendars, iCal integrations have their limitations. One major shortcoming is that the only details that can be transferred from one calendar to the other are reservation dates. No guest names, no listing info, no financial data, no reservation statuses. Just the absolute minimum.

Further, iCal integrations don’t allow you to sync the guest communication or staff tasks that relate to each specific reservation.

Okay, we’ve pointed out the problems. Now where’s the solution?

Enter Guesty.

Guesty does a lot. But one of our main priorities is ensuring you can access all of your business information in one place. Like, ALL of it.

Here’s what makes Guesty’s syncing tools superior to iCal…

Integrate With Channels

iCal allows you to sync only your reservation dates with multiple calendars, and it could take between a few minutes to a few hours to update all your info, leaving room for double bookings. With our Channel Manager, you will also be able to sync your listings, availability, financial data, communications and much more across 60+ channels. You’ll enjoy a reliable integration that protects you against double bookings by syncing your reservations immediately.

Share Your Calendar With Different Team Members

Like seeing your data in a calendar? Guesty’s Multi-Calendar lets you see all your reservations from all your listings, across all channels in one simple layout. Use our permission system to give different functionalities and views to different team members.

Share What You Wish With Homeowners

Sure, property managers that use iCal can share it with their homeowners, but then they’d see everything you see, which would again, be limited to only reservation dates. Guesty’s Owners Portal is a special platform, separate from the Guesty Dashboard, where your property owners can view their properties’ calendars and occupancy data. They can also book their own visits to their properties directly from the portal. It is up to you to decide what data to share with your owners.

Manage Tasks With Ease

Your staff need to see the reservation dates for your listings in order to know when their assignments must be initiated and completed, which is possible with iCal. But wouldn’t it be better if they could view their specific tasks, submit updates regarding their progress, report any issues and leave relevant notes? Guesty does just that by offering a built-in task management solution that will help you manage your operations and personnel more efficiently. Your staff can use our mobile app to keep track of and update tasks while on-the-go.

Share Reservation Information With People Outside of Your Organization

Whatever reservation data you choose can be shared with anyone you would like, such as third-party companies, in just one click. You can select exactly what to display and how to display it. The info is always up to date and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to navigate it.

Integrate With 3rd Party Apps

Our open API allows you to integrate your calendar and reservation data with any 3rd party app/service you want. Make use of our ever-expanding marketplace, which features plenty of different property management tools to help you grow your business. Guesty was designed to allow any external resource of your choosing to pull information from your Guesty account for a seamless integration.

Seamless Synchronization With Guesty

If you’re looking for a tool that will simply allow you to export your most basic reservation data and share it across multiple calendars, then iCal could be what you need. But if you’re interested in something more sophisticated, something that can offer you a two-way sync and a means of sharing greater detail about each of your reservations with relevant parties, then say goodbye to iCal and hello to Guesty. We’ve got this syncing thing down.

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