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INFOGRAPHIC: Consumers Confident When Booking Spontaneously & The Threat of New Strains Means Longer Stays

Last-minute bookings and flexible cancellation policies have made consumers confident enough to book again – and for longer. Spontaneous travel has been trending since the summer, and this pattern will continue throughout Q1 2021.

The average length of stay is also back on the rise after slightly decreasing in the fall. This is not surprising considering the uncovering of a more contagious, second strain of COVID. 

We saw this trend at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, when consumers were first hesitant to travel due to the original virus. We are seeing it again now as bookings made in Q1 2021 are significantly longer in the US and UK – both of which are showing record numbers of those infected.  As the vaccine takes effect, the lengths of stay will likely decrease as individuals will not stay in one place for as long.

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