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How To Market Your Vacation Rental Towards Remote Workers

August 04, 2021 |

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, remote working has increased significantly. 

However, despite the steep increase of remote workers, not everyone has the space or privacy available in their home to do so successfully. And, after having to work from the kitchen table over the past 12 months, many remote workers will be longing for a change of scenery – so your property could be the solution. According to Town & Country Mortgage Services, targeting remote tenants with your vacation rental can represent a long-term opportunity to make profitable returns, helping secure finance for when you decide to retire. 

In this article, we will share some top tips for property management in a COVID-19 era, helping you successfully market your vacation rental towards remote workers.

1. Offer A Free Wi-Fi Connection

For remote workers, a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is one of the most essential vacation rental amenities. Without it, remote working can become almost impossible. 

From emailing clients and taking part in Zoom meetings to sharing documents and downloading large files, a large part of a remote working day revolves around good, reliable internet speeds. 

The last thing remote workers want to do, after all, is deal with faulty Wi-Fi connections. 

So, if you can offer a free Wi-Fi connection that provides consistently fast speeds, your property will automatically become more desirable to remote workers; the importance of good Wi-Fi cannot be emphasized enough.

2. Provide Multiple Workspaces

While most remote workers are used to working in spaces around the home, makeshift desks can get tiresome. Therefore, to attract more bookings to your vacation rental, it is important to offer multiple working spaces and, ideally, at least one of these should be private so guests can take part in virtual meetings without any interruptions.

Don’t forget, there may be more than one member of the household working remotely. So, it is important to create multiple working spaces with adequate desk spaces, adjustable chairs, and plenty of natural light. 

Multiple workspaces are particularly attractive to remote workers and families, as they can also help increase productivity.

3. Apply Discounts For Long-Term Rental Stays

Unlike short-term renters just looking to escape for the weekend, most remote workers are searching for vacation rentals offering longer stays. This is because remote workers tend to stay in one place for a longer period of time. 

As a property owner, you can apply discounts for long-term rental stays in the knowledge you will have a guaranteed income for the entire month. And, by making your property available for weekly or monthly rent payments, remote workers will be more likely to book in the understanding they are saving money in the long run.

5. Improve Your Property’s Décor

While it is not necessary to completely overhaul your property’s interior, by putting a bit of extra thought into the décor and furniture, you could increase your number of bookings without needing to spend much

The addition of plants can help brighten any space, for instance, while a vintage couch in the living room makes for a beautiful statement piece. 

Making small changes to your property’s interior won’t just make the space more attractive to potential renters, it will also help make your guests’ stay more comfortable. 

Discover some of our top design tips to attract digital nomad workers.

6. Upload New Property Pictures 

When advertising your vacation rental online, it is essential to have pictures that are up to date. So, once you have made your property more “workcation” friendly, it’s time to show it off online. 

Uploading new pictures that truly showcase your new work-friendly environment will help highlight the benefits of your property to potential guests, making it clearer as to what they should expect while staying at your property. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the tips we’ve listed above, you can now create an attractive and welcoming space where remote workers can live, work, and relax. 

By making the right changes, you will not only potentially bring in more bookings and revenue, but you will also create a space that provides a much-needed getaway for remote workers during these challenging times.

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