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Easy & Effective Design Tips To Attract Nomad Workers

This is a guest post by Andria Santos, Founder & CEO at our Marketplace partner Fülhaus.

Today more than ever, guests are working from their rentals. This new take on flex work means finding places to work away from home and sometimes bringing along the family. This makes spaces with entertainment the ultimate destination for workers with kids at home. 

Employers have increased their work from home policies, and many aren’t going back to the office until further notice. In fact, nearly half the US workforce is currently WFH. Workers are 47% more productive at home, and “Work From Home” can actually mean “Work From Any Home”. 

So how do you go about attracting digital nomads to your spaces? Here are a few easy and effective ways to bring workers to you. 

Add A Workspace
Good working conditions are key to attracting flex workers, and this starts with providing the tools they need to be productive. When it comes to adding a good desk, there are few key things that you should consider. First, it should be at least 24” deep and 32” wide; height doesn’t matter if you have the right chair, and it should tuck comfortably below the desk. Speaking of chairs…

Ergonomic Economics
Desk chairs can be costly, but you can get equal comfort with these three principles in mind: Back support is non-negotiable, it should pass the elbow test (the height of your chair should allow elbows to rest comfortably on your desk), and it should provide mobility and adjustability. Always make sure a chair can be easily moved and adjusted to the user’s liking.  

Light It Up!

One of the most important short-term rental design tips has to do with lighting. Choose a space with an ample amount of natural lightning for your rental’s work area. Setting up a workspace near a window helps lower fatigue and it’s the best light for productivity. 

Location, Location, Location 
Select a quiet place away from any possible distractions. This could be a separate room or a quiet corner of the bedroom – just make sure you allocate enough space for guests to work comfortably. Don’t forget that oftentimes there’s more than one person working from home, so make sure everyone has their own comfortable space, distanced far enough so that calls and meetings don’t become distractions. 

Go Green

One of the best design tips for the digital nomad is adding live plants to your working space. Some examples of low maintenance indoor plants are snake plants, aloe plants, and Parlor Palms. 

Attracting Nomad Families

Parents aren’t the only ones working from home — their kiddos are stuck indoors with them. With that in mind, it’s important to consider how families travel, and why. 

Youngsters have been cooped up indoors and parents are looking for different ways to entertain them, so try to think like a kid when attracting traveling families. This means being creative when it comes to outfitting the space, so here are a couple outside the box tips and tricks for designers to use that keep both workers and kids busy. 

  • Set Up An Entertainment Station
    Add a corner with games, books, toys or crafting tools. Encourage kids to stimulate their imagination and explore their creativity — it often just requires some scrap supplies and board games that the whole family will love. 
  • Equip Your Kitchen
    Families travel to rentals instead of hotels because of the convenience of meal prep. Make sure your kitchen is ready for a family of four, with extra cups, utensils, and tools to make a variety of tasty meals that the whole family will enjoy. 

    Don’t forget that the more your rentals feel like home, the easier it is for families to stay in them.
  • Transformative Design  
    Remember that tidbit about thinking outside the box for rental design tips? Well, now’s the time to put that into action! Adapt your furniture to have multiple uses that blend fun with function. For example, a ping-pong dining table is something that the entire family can enjoy! 

Now that you know everything about how to become a digital nomad designer, it’s time to embrace the remote work trends and start bringing the workers to you! Be sure to check out Fülhaus’s all-new Work From Home design packages for some additional inspiration. 

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