The State of
Short-Term Rentals

The latest US Thanksgiving and Christmas data from Guesty highlights consumers’ high intent to travel over the holiday season amid Delta.

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Key Findings


Thanksgiving weekend - Guesty

Thanksgiving weekend 2021
reservation volume is up
302% compared to last year.

Travelers are locking in rates early and planning to travel despite looming variant concerns. They’re also seeking flexible cancellation policies and contact-free, tech-forward stays.

Christmas 2021 will be the
most expensive holiday of the
year in the US.

This is likely due in part to the fact that short-term and vacation rentals offer travelers the opportunity to book socially distant stays away from crowds found at traditional hotels and resorts.

short-term and vacation rentals


Christmas 2021, Time for Domestic Vacations in the USA

Christmas travel will be local
this year.

For Christmas 2021, 93% of reservations across the United States have been made by domestic travelers.