Bigger and Better: Guesty’s Property Management Mobile App Gets a Major Update

Property Management App

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? That’s not how Guesty does it. We’re constantly working to add new features to our software and improve those that already exist so that we can help our valued customers run their businesses as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

All in One Place

Recently, we’ve given our task management app an impressive facelift, starting by unifying it with our main property management app so that activity is far more centralized.

Until now, the task management app, which clients use to assign and keep tabs on various tasks like cleaning, maintenance, reception and key exchange, was separate from the general property management app, where property managers can check in on reservations and utilize many of the tools available on Guesty’s desktop dashboard.

With this new update, greeters can access the inbox directly from the task card to view and carry out communication relevant to their assignments. Plus, you no longer need two apps, which is a definite plus!

All in the Details

Property Management App

What else? Glad you asked!

Property Management App

For one, the task cards, which display each staff member’s assignments, are now a lot more comprehensive. Whereas they used to display just the name of the task and the listing nickname, they now detail the address, the expected duration of the task and the time range in which it must be completed. The app connects directly with the phone’s GPS to easily guide the staff member to the rental.

Additionally, valuable information about the previous and future reservations for each listing will be available. The app will tell staff how many guests stayed there last, how many are arriving currently and how many to expect for next time.

This knowledge not only helps personnel prepare accordingly, but also enables them to take inventory and ensure nothing is missing from the rental. As one of Guesty’s property managers reported to have lost around 10 thousand dollars in one year alone due to stolen items, the benefit of this feature cannot be overstated.

The listing pages have also been updated to provide complete profiles of the listings, including custom fields that can feature notes and tidbits about each rental, such as the WiFi password, information about where materials, like linens and towels, are stored and any amenities that may need preparation, like a fireplace or pool.

All at Your Fingertips

It doesn’t stop there, though! We’ve got big plans.

Push notifications for tasks are on the way and will be here very shortly! This means that staff members will receive alerts on their phone’s home screens whenever a task is assigned, modified or cancelled.

Notifications will also be available for general app activity, alerting property managers about payments, reservations, inquiries and more.

And, last but not least, due to popular demand, the Guesty multicalendar is going mobile in the near future!

The Best Property Management App Around

As before, clients have complete control over the permissions granted to their staff and can give them access to their tasks exclusively, while all other information remains private. The old staff app will remain live for another couple of months and then it’s out with the old, in with the new!

We hope you enjoy the new design and vastly improved user-experience, and looking forward to hearing your feedback so we can continue working toward creating the perfect app for rental property management.

Only the best for our Guesty users!

Bigger and Better: Guesty’s Property Management Mobile App Gets a Major Update
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