6 Smart Home Features That Are Sure to Please Your Guests

January 14, 2020 |
Implement these smart home features to please your guests

Creating the perfect vacation rental requires time and consideration for guests’ likes and dislikes. People want to stay in spaces that appeal to their interests and embody convenience. That often means one thing — technology. 

But before you start investing in “teching” up your properties, you probably want to know – are smart homes a smart idea? Does a smart home actually increase value?

The fact is, tech-based comfort is everything to 21st-century tenants. You’re not only likely to get more guests with a property that offers these amenities, but you may even be able to get more revenue per guest, as 60% of guests say they would pay more to stay in a smart accommodation.  

Smart technology is a step above regular tech solutions, and it’s gained popularity because of its simplicity. It helps you shrink your bills, manage your house and practice sustainability with the click of a button. Who would’ve thought that one day you could roll your entire house into an app? 

Want to know how you can make your home smarter? Here are some features to include in your rentals to bolster your appeal to potential guests.

1. Thermostats

A smart thermostat is one of the best home and rental investments you can make. Guests can control the indoor temperature to their liking — or to coincide with outdoor temperatures — and the system will automatically shut off if a room is empty. You can track energy usage remotely and program the device to respond to voice commands. 

Plenty of brands exist to help you upgrade your smart home. All you need to do is research them and find the perfect fit.

2. Smart TVs

A smart TV can enhance your guests' experience

Your guests will want to sit back and watch TV at some point, so why not give them a great experience with a smart TV? They’ll be able to access a world of apps and connect their devices to play games or watch movies. 

You can even change the settings so people can control other smart devices from the TV. Guests can turn down the thermostat and dim the lights all from the comfort of the couch.

You’ll need a stable internet connection to host your devices, so be sure to invest in a good WiFi router. Internet connectivity allows your tenants to watch anything from Netflix to Kanopy on the TV screen.

3. Security Cameras and Smart Locks

A set of remote-controlled cameras will capture all activities happening around your rental. Place them in visible spots outside to deter potential criminals from entering. Many smart cameras broadcast footage to your phone, so you can see events as they happen. This equipment is best for outdoor use only — your tenants shouldn’t have to worry about violations of their privacy.

Smart lock systems allow you to share temporary access with guests so they can enter the rental without physical keys and enjoy a more flexible check-in process. These systems are also great for locking any rooms you don’t want your guests to go in. Auto-locking features lock the door after a specific amount of time or after your phone ventures beyond the determined perimeter.

4. Smart Outlets

Smart outlets turn off any devices you plan to lock away while guests are over, which prevents the electronics from using energy while plugged in. Some sockets even give you real-time power stats while the devices are on, telling you how much energy each one uses. 

If there’s a device you only want to keep on at specific times, you can set a schedule for it. This feature lets you improve your energy efficiency by remotely controlling your belongings.

5. Security Sensors

Make guests feel safe with security sensors

Vacationers want to feel safe so they can relax and focus their energies on having a good time. You can help out by installing smart security sensors. These devices alert you to problems around the house, like leaking pipes or ringing smoke detectors. 

You can respond to the issue immediately instead of discovering it after the guests are already gone. These sensors can save you thousands in repairs for maintenance complications that would otherwise spiral out of hand.

6. Phone Charging Stations

Who doesn’t love a charging station? They’re convenient and easy to use, and they’re major lifesavers if a tenant forgets to bring their charger. 

You don’t have to go all-out with one of those large stations you might find at an airport or office, either. Many smaller versions exist to provide the same benefits without taking up much space. Buy some with minimalist, colorful or sleek designs to fit your rental’s aesthetic.

Turn Your Vacation Rental into a Smart Home

You have numerous options for smart tech besides the electronics on this list, so explore what the market has to offer. Always remember to implement amenities that serve a relevant purpose for your guests — this way, you’ll get the highest return on your investment. Satisfied guests create a successful business.