Product Webinar: Leveraging WhatsApp to Perfect Your Guest Communication Cycle

August 05, 2020 |

With guest communication being such an integral aspect of property management – and a key to creating positive guest experiences – we here at Guesty have always put an emphasis on developing communication features that answer every last one of our users’ needs. 

The result? Our Unified Inbox, which merges all of a property manager’s daily communication into one centralized location, eliminating the need to constantly bounce between channels in order to maintain responsiveness and efficiency. With the ability to send channel messages, emails, and SMS messages all from our Unified Inbox, property managers can accomplish all of their daily communication needs right from this one tool.

And because guests want to be able to communicate on their own terms in the method that’s most convenient for them, we felt it was important to take our Unified Inbox one step further: it’s now integrated with WhatsApp. 

Join our Sales Director, Tomer Rosenblum, and Product Manager, Hagar Sened, as they walk you through the guest communication cycle and our Unified Inbox’s exciting new WhatsApp integration, giving you a closer look into how it works – and why it’s a feature you won’t want to miss out on utilizing. 


By integrating with WhatsApp – the mobile-messaging application used by over 1.5 billion people worldwide –  guests have the ability to message our users with no cell service required (only Wifi is necessary), and in a much more informal context. We knew that adding this fourth communication method to our Unified Inbox would make it that much easier for our users to ensure no messages go missed and that their guests continuously receive the highest level of customer service. 

To get started using WhatsApp in your Unified Inbox, visit our Help Center for more information.