April Marketplace Integrations Spotlight: Cleaning & Operations

April 29, 2021 |
Cleaning solutions for your short term rental business

COVID-19 has made cleanliness a top priority for guests and, in turn, property management companies serious about attracting those guests. With sophisticated tech solutions aimed at facilitating effective cleaning and backend property management operations, both parties can rest assured that these important tasks are getting done both efficiently and  properly. 

Guesty’s Marketplace is chock full of solutions to help with these tasks, all of which can integrate with our software to automate and simplify processes. Here’s a Q&A with our cleaning and operations partners to help you determine which is right for your business.

Can you describe what your platform does?

Doinn: Enables property managers to plan, schedule, automate and buy professional cleaning, laundry and linen rental services. Extends beyond the technology, with a dedicated team supervising cleanings companies to ensure they meet expectations.

RoomChecking: Facilitates the organization of housekeeping operations, maintenance and more for property managers.

Breezeway: Helps property managers coordinate and verify property care and service by scheduling and assigning tasks, tracking property details and events, coordinating work across multiple unique locations and ensuring compliance with service standards.

TurnoverBnB: Offers property managers a simple way to manage existing teams as well as a marketplace of other cleaners for hire.

Flexkeeping: Expedites and automates daily operations and staff communication.

VRScheduler: Automates the scheduling and assigning of staff and tasks. 

HKeeper: Digitalizes and automates tasks workflows for housekeeping and maintenance, and tracks and controls usage of materials.

Turnify: Allows property managers to put their day-to-day on autopilot and offers its own quality cleaning service. 

Who are your target users?

Doinn: Rental property managers or owners

RoomChecking: Long and short-term property managers with many units and cleaning rules

Breezeway: Vacation rental managers, though services are also relevant for short-term rental managers, hospitality providers, residential, managers and cleaning/maintenance companies. 

Flexkeeping: Managers of every type of property, including both single and multi units.

VRScheduler: Managers of between 5 and 300+ properties, works well for customers with a blended portfolio featuring multiple listing types. 

Turnify: Anyone from a single listing host using their own cleaning team to a national operator who uses the app with Turnify’s cleaning team to support 80 unit apart-hotels.


Which geos do you serve?

Doinn: USA; Mexico, Dominican Republic, UK, Spain, Portugal, UK ***new locations can be opened within 3 weeks if there is demand.

RoomChecking: Our platform is available worldwide.

Breezeway: Our platform is available worldwide, though our guest messaging tool is currently available to US customers only.

TurnoverBnB: Our platform is available worldwide in English, Spanish, Potugese and French.

Flexkeeping: Our platform is available worldwide in English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Russian, Polish and Romanian.

VRScheduler:  Our management platform is available worldwide in English, while staff dashboards are translated into 6 languages. 

Turnify: Our platform is available worldwide. Turnify cleaning services are available to US customers only.


What processes do you automate?

Doinn: Detailed services reports, tasks scheduling and confirmation, payments to service providers. 

RoomChecking: Reports and cleaning plans based on data

Breezeway: Task scheduling, customized mobile checklists, reports, generation of temporary lock access codes for incoming guests

TurnoverBnB: Task scheduling, reports, notifications and payments, as well as an API for advanced users

Flexkeeping: Task scheduling, reports, performance analyses, custom digital checklists

VRScheduler: Importing bookings, task scheduling and assignment, notifications

HKeeper: Reports on all tasks, reports on negative trends, reports on guest experience, audits

Turnify: Task scheduling, inventory reporting, ETA’s on cleaning completion (with a google maps integration that accounts for real time traffic data), post-cleaning photos complete with damage reports, editable checklists and more.


Does your platform support the management of multiple cleaner groups?

Doinn: The system pre-assigns new services to the professional or group of professionals that did the last cleaning service in that property.   

Breezeway: Users can add a combination of in-house and outsourced cleaning vendors.  

TurnoverBnB: TurnoverBnB is the only app that offers a dedicated integration with Taskuro, the cleaning company app.

Flexkeeping: No, units can be assigned to only one cleaner on a daily or weekly basis. 

VRScheduler: Up to 4 staff members can be assigned to a specific task.

HKeeper: Cleaners can be grouped under specific supervisors so that each supervisor can work with the assigned group.

Turnify: Hosts can add their own cleaners for some properties, while hiring Turnify to clean other units.

Does your platform support automatic recurring or calendar-based tasks such as periodic maintenance tasks?

Doinn: Not yet, but it will in the next version launched by the end of Q2 2021.

RoomChecking: Users can set recurring tasks, and spread tasks among a certain number of rooms over a period of time.

Breezeway: Users can auto-schedule tasks based on company and department rules and leverage recurring tasks for better preventative maintenance.

TurnoverBnB: Yes. 

Flexkeeping: Users can schedule all kinds of recurring and preventive tasks (including periodic, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly).

VRScheduler: Recurring tasks can be set for every nth day, week or month and can be pre-progammed to be automatically skipped if certain conditions apply. 

HKeeper: Tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and assigned a specific time, employee, and task type.

Turnify: Cleaning tasks for non-reservation based events can be created manually.


Does your platform support tasks with distinct conditions?

Doinn: Not yet, but it will in the next version launched by the end of Q2 2021.

RoomChecking: Yes. 

Breezeway: Yes.

TurnoverBnB: Yes. 

Flexkeeping: Yes, but such tasks will have to be set up manually. 

VRScheduler: Yes, and each rule can be applied to specific and/or multiple properties (example, only assign hot tub tasks to properties with hot tubs).

HKeeper: Automatic alerts for mid-stay linen changes can be set up for reservations of a specific length.

Turnify: No, but any clean can be easily updated to reflect a variable cleaning type (i.e VIP clean, mid-stay clean, deep clean, etc).

What alerts & updates can users create or receive from your platform?

Doinn: Cleaners can create maintenance and cleaning alerts with pictures and videos and request extra time for tasks. Managers can create notes for cleaners with extra requests. All parties can use an advanced messaging system that allows for groups and tagging specific members. 

RoomChecking: Users will receive updates regarding new tasks and alerts about priority rooms. They can also send messages through the platform. 

Breezeway: We offer a full suite of customizable email, SMS, and push-to-phone alerts based on department and real time property events. 

TurnoverBnB: Notifications are configurable and available in push notification (Android /IOS), email and web app notification.

Flexkeeping: Notifications are sent when there is a new task, new comment or maintenance or cleaning issue.

VRScheduler: Notifications are sent for new tasks, new bookings, new events and more. Notifications can be set up to be triggered by other events. 

HKeeper: Sound and message notifications for important tasks are sent to users of the mobile app. 

Turnify: Users can be notified when the cleaning for a particular unit has begun, and when it has been completed, in addition to damage/low inventory reports. These are push notifications on mobile or via email. For our commercial customers, we can even integrate support teams via Slack for seamless communication.

Does your platform include a limited permissions feature?

Doinn: Yes.

RoomChecking: Yes. 

Breezeway: Yes.

TurnoverBnB: Yes.

Flexkeeping: Yes.

VRScheduler: Yes. 

HKeeper: Personnel use a seperate mobile app that allows them to receive tasks and use a messaging tool. 

Turnify: No, but there are plans to implement tiered users in Q2 2021.


Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or contact any of the cleaning solutions you’re considering.