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Guesty's Property Management Software (PMS) provides a range of features that gives hosts management tools for their businesses. Manage multiple Airbnb accounts and other platforms. From a strong reporting system, to a fully searchable private database, you can now see, save, and share all of your data in one place.   


See All Your Data In One Place

Your business generates a lot of data. Our reporting feature indexes all of your bookings' data in one single interactive interface. In this interface, you have the ability to sort and filter your bookings according to how you want to review, archive, or evaluate them. There are countless sorting options and filters that you can apply, from number of guests to check-in date to payout amount (and many, many more). This feature is as flexible as you are.

  • See Only Relevant Data

    You don't need to see the listing's address? Not a problem. Choose your preferred columns to view only the information that is relevant for you. 

  • Filter the Results

    Add filters to see only specific bookings. For example, bookings with a payout higher than $2,000 or those only with guests who stayed more than 5 nights. 

Streamline Your Information Flow

Keep all of your information secured, updated, and accessable from everywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you can always access, download, and share your information. 

  • Receive Scheduled Emails 

    Receive an automated email with any of the reports you wish. For example, you can receive every day the list of check ins for tomorrow, or list of check outs for today. 

  • Download Reports for Offline Use

    Download your reports to use them in other softwares , print them or simply save them on your computer for documenation porpuses. 

  • Share Your Data With Others

    Share specific reports with your cleaners, co-host or employees. Control  and limit their 

  • Communicate With All of Your Guests in One Place

    View and communicate with your guests across multiple Airbnb accounts and other channels. Using the Unified inbox you can easily go over all of the conversations, see and update information about your guests and reservations. 

  • Unified Inbox
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  • No Need to Update Your Calendar

    Guesty will automatically update your calendar every day. In case you have 'combo listings' (renting an apartment and each of its rooms seperately), our PMS will block dates on your calendar based on any logic you wish.  

  • Find Every Booking in Seconds

    Find any piece of information throughout all of your vacation rental data. Simply search for a guest, listing, booking confirmation code and more. 

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  • Customize Your Reports

    The reports view is highly flexible and can easily be adjusted to your own needs. You can change the columns, add filters, and save the new view as part of your favorite reports. 

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  • Adjust Columns

    Use the 34 different parameters to view your bookings based on what is most beneficial for your needs and preferences.

  • Apply Filters

    Use the filter option to view only specific bookings. Filters apply to dates, status of booking, number of guests, and more.

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  • Export and Share With Others

    Any of the reports can be exported to Excel or sent via email to your contacts. This way you can send your home owners reports of long-stay reservations or send your accountant a weekly report of your earnings. This feature is as flexible as you are.

    Reports are updated in real-time and can be shared online with 'view-only' permissions. Sharing reports is extremely useful for increasing transparency between hosts & home owners as well as for managing ongoing cleaners and staff.

  • Schedule Automated Reports

    Schedule an email with your favorite reports to be sent to yourself, home owners, or staff on a daily or weekly basis. This feature allows you to send unique reports to each individual, based on their relevant roles and needs.

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  • Smart Rules

    Smart rules will enable you to automatically block dates if two or more listings are connected to each other. This situation would usually happen if a host lists both an apartment and each of its rooms seperately.

  • calendar
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  • Multi Calendar

    See all of your reservations across multiple accounts, in one editable calendar. Easily update pricing, change availability, and leave notes to your colleagues.

  • Revenue Share Calculation

    Easily calculate revenue shares for each and every reservation. By using our advanced formulas, you can define different calculations for each listing or even reservation. Use this data to share detailed reports with your homeowners and colleagues to increase transparency and trust.

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  • custom fields
  • Custom Fields

    Create your own custom fields for listings and reservtions in order to store all of your business data in one place. You can later use this data to filter, sort ,and share your reports, or to add custom variables to your automated messages.

Search Within Your Data

Use the search tool to find specific information.

  • Find Guests

    Search for specific guests that stayed in your listings.

  • Find Bookings

    Search every booking you had based on specific keywords such as confirmation code, name of guests, notes, etc.

  • Find Listings

    Browse your listings with more ease by typing in name of listing, label, address and more.