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What Makes the Best Property Management Software?

May 03, 2018 |

The best property management software needs to be, first and foremost, easy to use whenever and wherever. As a property manager you’re often communicating with one guest at the same time as checking in another, all while driving to your rental to make sure it’s up to par for arrivals the next morning. Your property management software needs to keep up with you and your busy schedule, not the other way around.

So what does the best property management software look like and what does it include?


Centralized Communication

As a property manager, you require the best property management software which allows you to be in contact with multiple guests at the same time without becoming overwhelmed. Between emails, text messages, phone calls and voicemails you have a lot to keep up with, and that’s just the communication aspect of your job. To save you time, your property management software should serve as your personal secretary. A Unified Inbox is one of the most important features when it comes to guest communication. All communication history with guests, across multiple platforms, should be stored in a single Unified Inbox, making communicating with them more efficient and organized. Many of these messages can become repetitive, so don’t bother taking the time to type and send out each one, let your property management software take care of that for you by using Automation Tools. Imagine how much time you’ll save, in just one day, by prewriting those repetitive messages and setting a clock to automatically send them out on time. For an added personal touch you can customize messages and choose which mode of communication to use. You’ll get the same responses all while saving yourself time and energy.

Integrated Channel Management System

Integrated Channel Management is crucial for running a successful rental management business. To start, all of your listings must be distributed on the major OTAs, such as Airbnb, Agoda, and HomeAway, to name just a few, so that your guests can find and book your listings regardless of which website they’re using. In order to prevent double, or even triple booking, your calendars should be synced into a single Multi-Calendar which integrates all calendars from all listings into a single property management platform.

For an enhanced guest experience you may have some optional services working alongside your rental business, such as a chef or a chauffeur. Such amenities should also be linked to your property management software. The moment your guest messages you about any impromptu plans you should be able to reserve and charge the respective service at the click of a button. The best property management software can even make doing your job look easy.

Seamless Short-Term Rental  Payment Processing

Allow your property management software to take care of payments quickly. Your guests have already booked online using a credit card, so opt for that information to be securely saved for billing, therefore avoiding the uncomfortable hassle of tracking down guests to once again provide their credit card information.

Staff Management App

Organization is key when overseeing employees in any industry, but this is an incredibly difficult task in the rental industry, as you and your employees are often regularly commuting throughout the day. The best way to keep track of each employees progress is with the use of a Staff Management App which will allow you to notify your cleaners which homes need to cleaned, brief your maintenance staff on what requires fixing, or remind the entire staff about the upcoming meeting. You will also have the luxury of your staff updating you on what needs to be taken care of before a guest arrives, or if a guest forgot to take home their wallet upon checking out.

Owners Portal

Keep your homeowners up to date with a Homeowners Portal feature which will provide each owner with all of their relevant information and automatically generate their specific analytical reports. Not only will this tool save you lots of time and paperwork, but it will serve as your developer by creating data-based reports for each homeowner. Your Homeowners Portal should be available in a variety of languages, once again making communication more efficient.

The best property management software should work with you and allow you to manage better, do your job more productively, and receive the best possible results and reviews.

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