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Streamline Your Short-Term Rental Operations With Guesty’s Channel Manager

September 18, 2018 |
Streamline short-term rental operations with Guesty's channel manager

Airbnb,, Rentals United… the list of channels on which short-term property managers can list their rentals goes on and on. And that’s a good thing. More platforms means more travelers are seeing – and hopefully booking – your vacation homes.

But seasoned property managers know you can’t just list your rentals and then sit around and let the OTA do all the work. Each channel requires a good deal of maintenance, from updating your properties’ descriptions and adjusting prices to responding to guest inquiries. So more channels might mean more bookings, but it also means a lot more work, unless, of course, you have Guesty’s channel management system at your side.

Here’s How Guesty’s Channel Manager Can Help

60+ Channels, One Dashboard

Guesty’s whole mission is to simplify the short-term property management process without sacrificing growth and success. Our channel manager was built to enable Guesty’s clients to control all of their listings on all of their channels from a single place instead of hopping from one to another whenever an adjustment must be made or a potential guest needs to be answered.

The Guesty dashboard doubles as a control panel, from which you can manage multiple listings – and even multiple accounts – across multiple channels. Make a change on the control panel, and that change is applied to all of the original booking channels of your choosing.

Automated Pricing Done Simply

A smart property manager knows that one price does not fit all. Popular travel periods and holiday weekends generally allow for bumped up fees, while luls in booking requests usually demand more competitive pricing if property managers wish to stay profitable during off-season.

With our channel management system, not only can clients change prices on each original booking platform from their Guesty accounts, eliminating the need to log into every individual OTA, but they can also set rules that alter pricing without their intervention. We call this price automation.

For instance, users can discourage vacancies by pre-arranging for prices to be dropped in the days preceding them. They can also bolster profitability by setting price jumps prior to major events in the area or anything else that might draw in big crowds of travelers.

No More Double Bookings

The channel manager not only allows users to control and manage their listings, wherever they may be, it also helps them to stay organized and avoid those dreaded double bookings by importing all previous, current and upcoming reservations into a unified multi-calendar.

Whether a booking was made via Airbnb, HomeAway, or your personal booking platform, it will appear in the Guesty calendar, which provides a clear, detailed, bird’s-eye view of the statuses of all your rentals.

Managers can also grant homeowners, investors, and other parties access to the calendar in order to keep them updated about the listings’ performances and availability.

Organized, Accessible, Retrievable

Looking for something specific? All you need to do is type in a city, title, nickname or address to retrieve any and all information about a specific reservation, regardless of the source on which the booking was made.

Guesty’s software collects and stores every piece of data regarding your listings and bookings and is ready to deliver it on your command.

Less Work, More Opportunities

Whether it’s access to a niche traveling group or support of a specific kind of listing, each booking channel offers something new and different, and property managers should not have to miss out on valuable opportunities simply because they come with some upkeep.

Guesty’s channel manager was designed to offer our clients a means of utilizing any platform available to them without having to stretch themselves too thin.

Guesty does the work, you get the bookings.

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