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Now Available: Authority Reporting for Guesty Users

February 10, 2020 |

As if the tasks involved in short-term property management weren’t demanding enough, many property management companies across the EU face an additional challenge – submitting the relevant guest information to local authorities.

With the help of our Marketplace partner CheKin, Guesty users in Germany, France, Italy and more than a dozen other countries can now put their pre-stay registration processes on auto-pilot, ensuring full legal compliance without the extra effort

Register your properties with the authorities

The first step to stress-free authority reporting is registering your properties with the appropriate local authorities. For each listing, you simply need to provide the requested information, set the relevant authority and add your credentials to that authority’s website. 

Authority reporting made simple for short-term rental hosts

As reporting requirements vary across locations, this setup process will ensure that, for each listing, the system knows which information to request from guests and to which authority to report that information.

Gather the relevant information from guests

Once you’re set up, the automated process will take over, drawing reservations from Guesty and sending upcoming guests the appropriate forms to fill out based on the locations of the properties they’ve booked. 

Guests will be prompted to provide their personal information as well as that of any individuals who will be accompanying them on their trips. You, in turn, will be notified via your Unified Inbox when guests have received and completed the form and when you’ve achieved successful registration with the local authorities. 

Report guest information to local authorities

After the system has collected all the required information, it will be automatically directed to the relevant local authority on check-in day, leaving greeting and accommodating your guests as your only concern! 

Focus on giving your guests a 5-star worthy experience

Enjoy the added benefits

Aside from being able to direct your attention to less tedious aspects of your business, like providing a top-notch guest experience, this solution will give you full transparency into the authority reporting process and store all legal documents in your dashboard. With all this time saved, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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