New Guesty Partner KeyNest Reveals 7 Reasons You Should Be Using a Key Exchange Solution

July 30, 2019 |

At Guesty, we’re always looking for ways to make hosting easier. That’s why we integrate with third party management tools like KeyNest, a key exchange service that connects seamlessly with Guesty so that your guests’ self check-in process can be entirely automated. With over 2000 locations across Europe and the USA, KeyNest hands over the keys to your guests when you can’t meet them in person.

Read on to see the seven main reasons KeyNest says you should be using a key exchange solution.

1. Peace of Mind

When you’re looking after someone else’s properties, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got security covered, and key exchange solutions are a great way to offer secure self check-in. Unlike lockboxes, a good key exchange solution ensures keys are always in sight, either by CCTV or shopkeepers. Plus, you’ll get notifications every time your keys are picked up or dropped off, keeping you aware of their locations at all times.

2. Reduced Costs

Using a key exchange solution is also cost effective. It cuts down on your travel costs or the expense of hiring greeters to hand your guests their keys. A subscription-based key exchange solution will also have a lower up-front cost than installing a smart lock.More Flexibility for Guests

3. More Flexibility for Guests

One of your primary responsibilities as a short-term property manager is keeping your guests happy, which will result in better reviews and more bookings. When guests have to meet someone in person in order to get the keys to your rentals, it means they have to be at a specific place at a specific time. Implementing a key exchange solution will offer your guests wiggle room when it comes to checking into your properties, allowing them to schedule their days in a way that works for them.

4. More Flexibility for You

Hosting on Airbnb can be rewarding, but you often pay for those rewards with your personal time. It can get pretty frustrating when you have to cancel or rearrange your plans to meet guests, especially when it happens often. A key exchange solution means more free time since you won’t have to carve some out to meet your guests in person.

5. Automated Hosting

Running a short-term rental company is hard work – so it’s always worth automating where you can. Some key exchange solutions let you automate your check-ins, and can even communicate with your guests on your behalf. Even better, solutions that are fully integrated with your property management software enable a completely hands-off booking process.

6. A Fool-Proof Backup Plan

Even if you prefer to welcome all of your guests personally, it always pays to have an easy way to let in maintenance workers and cleaners, protect yourself against lockouts and have a backup plan in case something comes up and you can’t be there to greet your guests. Storing a spare key with a key exchange solution means you can let them in remotely, so any repairs or cleaning can be sorted even when you’re in another city.

7. Business-Ready Listings

Along with WiFi and ironing facilities, self check-in capability is one of the criteria to qualify as “business approved” on Airbnb, which is a great way to increase occupancy and justify higher rental prices. Using a key exchange solution allows you offer self check-in for business travellers and make the most of your Airbnb listing.

KeyNest’s Key Exchange Solution

Now that KeyNest has integrated with Guesty, it’s easier than ever to get your keys to your guests. By accessing the reservation details on your Guesty dashboard, KeyNest can automatically send check-in details to your guest for you. Then, Guesty can communicate with your guests on your behalf from start to finish.  

With over a thousand 24-hour locations, KeyNest gives your guests the freedom to check in at any time of the day. Thanks to real-time notifications that alert you every time your keys are picked up or returned, you’ll always know where your keys are. 

KeyNest is just one of the many management tools available in Guesty’s rapidly expanding Marketplace. Check it out to see how you could be saving time, enhancing your guests’ experience and streamlining every aspect of your property management business.

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