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Introducing Guesty’s Damage Protection

January 18, 2022 |

Damage caused by guests to short-term rental properties is an inherent risk that comes with the high reward of this ecosystem. On average, property management companies spend 5% of their total annual turnover on fixing damages caused by guests. And although there are a host of tools such as noise monitors and advanced guest screening systems designed to mitigate these incidents, guest damage to your properties, accidental or otherwise, is inevitable. 

We’ve identified this pain point as one shared by all of our users and worked expeditiously to create a solution that would be intuitive, user-friendly, and highly effective. Today, I am proud to announce the launch of Guesty’s Damage Protection, our new easy-to-use, fully Guesty integrated feature designed to cover your rental properties’ contents from guest damages. Whether it’s a broken appliance, a stained rug, or damages to those delicate items that make your rental units unique, our comprehensive protection plans will cover the repair or replacement costs. You can easily file a claim directly from the Guesty reservation flow, all without dealing with security deposits or confronting your guests, and use this offering to increase your revenue and margins.

Let’s talk about how Damage Protection can have a real and immediate impact on your business starting as soon as you sign up:

Full Protection, Zero Friction

Recouping damage losses from guests either pre-arrival in the form of large security deposits or worse, “chasing” them post-stay can result in bad reviews, credit card disputes, and ultimately, fewer reservations. Rolling over these costs to your owners can also quickly become a source of contention that can hinder your professional relationship. 

Damage Protection alleviates these friction points by eliminating the need to request hefty security deposits from guests and by protecting you and the property owners you work with from absorbing the losses from damages, all without involving either party in the process. 

Seamless Integration with the Guesty Platform

Damage Protection is fully integrated within the Guesty platform. You can apply our various coverage plans seamlessly to all of your listings or a specific subset in a few clicks; the choice is yours. No need to try and figure out how and where to turn to in case of damages, questions, and service updates; you can do it all comfortably within the existing Guesty PMS. 

Transform Risk Into Opportunity 

Damage Protection is not only designed to save you money that you would otherwise waste on repairing damages but also to help you generate additional revenue. Offer this feature as a premium, added-value service to both guests and owners—generating additional revenue, fostering goodwill with guests, and attracting new inventory from owners concerned about property damage.

Full Multichannel Coverage Across All Reservations and Inventory Types

Taking into account how diverse any given property manager’s inventory can be, Damage Protection provides you with complete control over the number, type, location, and other predefined characteristics of properties you want to cover. 

Getting Started with Damage Protection

For existing Guesty users starting with Damage Protection is as easy as following this link and signing up. If you’re not yet a user, request a demo to see our platform in action and ask our Guesty representatives to show you how Damage Protection works. 

Currently, this service is only available in the US and Mexico, but we are hard at work to release it in additional regions over the coming months.

I can’t wait to see how Damage Protection will help your business prosper and grow.

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