How to Get a 5 Star Review Using Guesty

How to Get a 5 Star Review Using Guesty

Here is How to Get a 5 Star Review Using Guesty

Have you ever heard the expression ‘A happy customer is a loyal customer’? While this statement is true, finding a happy talkative customer is even better. Today, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Reviews can be the difference between success and failure for any business that has an online presence.

Get those happy customers, or as we call them, guests, talking. The key to increasing your bookings is to increase your positive reviews and host ratings. The vacation rental community is based on trust. Guests are likely to spend more money on a property that has positive reviews, they are even more likely to enjoy their stay knowing that they are good hands. So how do you get those 5-star reviews? The simplest way is to ask. Increase reviews by offering your guests incentives. By offering a small discount on a return stay, you may gain over 50% more reviews, and maybe, even more returning guests!

Guesty is giving every property manager the ability to increase reviews through the automated Guesty Review tools. Using these Guesty Review automation tools, managers can automate emails to send out to guests to request reviews at any chosen time. These emails are usually sent within an hour, or at most a day after check out, while their trip is still fresh in their minds, increasing their likelihood to write a review. Another terrific aspect of the automated Guesty Review tools is the ability for the property managers to automatically post a review on their guests’ profiles. Doing so will encourage guests to write a review, in return, on the property. With this automation tool, property managers save loads of time and remove the hassle of constantly writing similar emails requesting a property review, as well as writing a review on each one of their guests’ profiles.
Potential guests are not the only ones who look at these reviews, they are also good for SEO purposes. Search engines, like Google, look for reviews simply because guests’ look for reviews. Google bases its SEO on what it’s consumers care about the most in order to be the most helpful tool possible. Therefore, Google always features well-reviewed businesses on the first page of search results.

Today, most guests look towards reviews when choosing which short-term or vacation rental to book. What does that mean for your vacation rental business? Rather than having to do all the work to increase reviews, have the reviews work for you. Guesty’s automation tools collect the reviews for you, working to help increase your bookings. Just make sure you have a strategy in place to collect all those 5-star reviews and we will take care of the rest.

If you’re interested in learning more about property management and discovering the many ways Guesty's platform can help your business, we invite you to a free one-on-one session with one of our experts.

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