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Guesty Partners With Automation & Up-Sell Software Wishbox to Make You the Perfect Host

April 04, 2019 |

Hands Off, Property Managers!

Hands-off management. That’s what we’d like to facilitate here at Guesty, and it’s why we delegate so many of our clients’ responsibilities to our sophisticated features or to the many third-party resources that comprise our expanding Integrations Marketplace.

Our newest integration with Wishbox guarantees to take a great big chunk off the property management plate, enabling smooth management and hosting from the instant a booking is processed until the moment the guests check out.

All You (and Your Guests) Could Wish For

First, Wishbox helps you manage your guest relationships by automating the coordination process, saving you the hassle of all those back and forth emails discussing logistics. Wishbox sends your guests confirmations of their bookings, collects relevant documents like passport scans and provides guests with a pre-check in message, complete with all of the details they’ll need for check-in day.

Throughout your guests’ stays, they can utilize the Wishbox app to access important information about the property, like your house manual or the WiFi code. They can also check out local services that might enhance their experience, and it’s all available in their native language.

And speaking of enhancing their stays, Up-Sell by Wishbox allows guests to instantly purchase extra amenities. You control everything, from the services you offer to the prices you sell them at. Auto-split the revenue with vendors and just like that, you’ve boosted your income.

When your guests are ready to pack up and head home, they’ll automatically receive customized check-out instructions as well as a prompt to review their experiences. Property managers can push all positive reviews to the booking channels they’re listed on to inspire prospective guests to book!

The Perfect Partnership

With Wishbox integrated with your Guesty account, they’ll have access to all the info needed to get the ball rolling on ensuring your guests get a top-rate experience. You can just sit back and watch it happen.

The integration With Guesty is by far the most well-rounded integration we’ve done so far,” says Jeremy Atlan, Co-Founder of Wishbox. “All the data seamlessly syncs both ways, including the in-app chat and communications.”

Guesty’s always seeking partnerships that simplify our clients’ management operations or enhance their guests’ stays. Wishbox does both.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering up with a solution that makes our clients’ lives easier, while also presenting them with ways to impress their guests and generate new revenue,” says Guesty Co-Founder and CEO Amiad Soto.

Guesty’s mission to give property managers one place to do it all continues to fuel the growth of our Integrations Marketplace, where users can find a diverse collection of third-party resources that complement Guesty’s services and help you #ManageBetter.

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