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Guesty Sponsoring AltoVita’s Corporate Home Awards 2020 To Further Support Property Management Companies Across The Globe

Like every company in the short-term rental industry, COVID-19 meant that 2020 was an unprecedented year for us. As one of the world’s largest property management platforms, we are at the epicenter of the fast-changing, innovative short-term rental industry, and together with users, experienced the far-reaching effects Coronavirus had on this ecosystem.

To address the trends and travel patterns that have emerged due to COVID-19, as well as the pain points property management companies are facing in light of the new normal, we launched a variety of new initiatives this year aimed at assisting property management companies to navigate the global pandemic, from technological advancements, platform flexibility and free resources. 

A few examples include offering premium features for free to help ensure business stability, supporting extended stays of 28 days or more to help our users incorporate flexible inventory into existing portfolios, holding frequent virtual events with industry experts and thought leaders sharing advice and discussing industry predictions, and launching a COVID-19 Infocenter to help property management companies worldwide stay informed, mitigate impact and introduce technology into their business models that could supplement lean teams and help them navigate the new normal.

2020 AltoVita Corporate Awards

In order to further support the global short-term rental ecosystem during this time, we are pleased to announce that Guesty is sponsoring the 2020 AltoVita Corporate Home Awards, the first-ever award dedicated solely to property management companies on a global scale. 

The awards, which will take place virtually in November 2020, offer recognition for short-term rental property management companies, serviced apartment operators and travel tech startups who have achieved outstanding customer satisfaction and that continue to push the boundaries of product innovation, property design as well as health and safety. Guesty is sponsoring alongside other key industry players, including Operto, Pricelabs, Breezeway, Transparent and more. 

Participation promotes our goal of providing property management companies with increased brand recognition, top-notch client relationships and new business opportunities, pandemic or no pandemic. Specifically, we are sponsoring the Best Property Management Company, North America category. 

Other award categories include expertise in a specific demographic (EMEA, APAC), advanced technological advancements, most impactful social responsibility initiatives, and focus on customer care and property design. To enter an award submission for your property management company, or to register for the virtual awards ceremony when winners are announced, click here.

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