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4 Amenities That Will Differentiate Your Vacation Rental Properties

July 27, 2020 |

With more and more people looking to book short-term rental stays on Airbnb and other platforms in order to avoid busy hotels, property managers and hosts need to consider how to make their rentals stand out above the rest in order to yield the most profit. Sure, style is important, but many times amenities are overlooked, even though they play a huge part in hooking potential guests and are credited by 97% of US travellers as having a strong impact on their vacation experience. 

Though you might be hesitant to improve your properties amidst Covid-19, now could actually be the best time to do it. Considering you might have some temporary downtime, this is a great opportunity to get your properties ready for when travel has fully recovered. That way, your rentals will be looking their best and standing out from your competition, helping you to gain as many bookings as possible.  

So, now that you see the importance of investing in improvements to your properties, here are 4 amenities that will differentiate your vacation rentals from the rest:

1. Hot Tubs & Spas

Who doesn’t love hanging out in a hot tub or spa? Offering amenities like these is the perfect way to give your guests the vacation-feel they’re chasing, and if they’re on the fence between two different properties, the image of unwinding in a bubbly jacuzzi may be just the thing to tip the scales. 

Though an above-ground hot tub can be fun for guests, consider adding real value with a built-in one. An in-ground hot tub surrounded by attractive landscaping can truly transform the vibe of the property and give it the boost it needs to go from “standard” to “luxury.” 

2. Specialty Appliances

Vacation rental properties can be attractive to people because they come with little luxuries they may not normally have at home. On the other side of the spectrum, many people will not rent properties that don’t have appliances they use regularly at home, such as smoothie blenders, food processors, or food dehydrators. A huge part of the appeal of property rentals over hotels is that they can offer guests the vacation experience without forcing them to sacrifice everyday rituals, like cooking dinner and dining in. 

That’s not all, though. There are appliances outside of the kitchen that can also play a big part in securing bookings. An air purifier, for example, can be a lifesaver for guests with allergies, while a clothing iron might be a “must” for a business commuter who needs to look sharp.  

3. Water Accessories

Vacation rentals are often located near large bodies of water, such as lakes and oceans. While just the thought of lounging around on the beach or taking a dip in the water can be enticing, imagine how much appeal you can add to your properties by providing some fun water accessories for your guests..

Make their experiences even more memorable by providing snorkeling gear, stand up paddle boards, canoes, or kayaks, just to name a few ideas. Since more than one guest will be able to make use of the canoes or kayaks at a time, those can make for an especially worthwhile investment. 

4. Specialty Electronics

Though some guests are looking to disconnect, most like to have access to their preferred forms of entertainment. Whether it’s a Netflix subscription, video games or top-notch speakers, assure potential guests they’ll have everything they need to indulge in their usual hobbies, and perhaps even up with ante by investing in a smart TV or a selection of video game consoles your guests may not have at home.  

Set Yourself Apart

These are just 4 ideas to get you started. Take a moment to consider not only what you’d expect to be provided as a guest, but what would truly enhance your experience and have you recommending the property to others. While implementing more than one of these amenities would obviously be ideal, even a single addition from the above list can go a long way  in increasing occupancy for your rentals.

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