All the tasks you’re doing to keep your business alive & running smoothly are probably the same to-dos that are consuming the majority of your time. Use Guesty to achieve more by doing less.

You can’t press pause on your business every time you leave the office.

Property management is a full-time gig, and Guesty’s Native Mobile App makes it easy. From managing reservations to updating tasks or messaging your staff, our app allows you to do it all remotely. Go about living your life with the comfort of knowing your business is right in your pocket.

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New bookings mean quickly & correctly updating availability on every channel that property is listed on, right? Wrong.

With Guesty’s Multi-Calendar, any updates or edits you make to a listing – from availability to pricing – will automatically be pushed to each of your connected channels. Double bookings and scheduling mishaps are a thing of the past.

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You want to use Guesty, but you also have your own tools that you want to continue working with.

Thanks to Guesty’s Open API, you can complement our platform with services or tools of your own to ensure that every last need you have is being met.

With such flexibility, you can choose to integrate third-party tools, connect to your own booking website or sync up with any other specific modes of operating that you want incorporated into your business.

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Your homeowners are requesting to reserve dates at their own properties.

Through Guesty’s Owners Portal, your homeowners will have designated access to their properties’ calendars, including the ability to reserve dates for themselves as needed. That’s one less inquiry you need to worry about, and one happier homeowner standing in your corner.

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Assigning tasks to your team is just as tedious as tracking their progress.

With Guesty’s Task Manager, you can assign & monitor all the tasks required to keep your properties running efficiently, like cleanings and maintenance visits.

Set up automatically-assigned tasks for your recurring to-do’s, or create manual tasks for those one-time needs, and we’ll send notifications to your staff members to make sure their jobs are done the right way at the right time.

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You need to keep tabs on how all areas of your business are performing.

The only way to run a better business is to track performance and then leverage your findings to help you improve in the areas that need it most. But you don’t need to be business savvy to make savvy business decisions.

With Guesty’s Reporting Tools, you can mix & match from over 65 different filters to create the exact report you need on any given aspect of your business, like which one of your properties is performing the highest month-to-month, or how many cancelled reservations you’ve had in a city, for example.

Whether you’re strategizing for next quarter or just simply seeking out a specific bit of info, you’re going to appreciate having this much data at your fingertips.

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There are too many smart home & tech solutions to choose from.

By heading to Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace, you can rest easy knowing we’ll be pointing you in the right direction with our robust offering of third-party solutions to seamlessly connect to. Dynamic pricing, home automation, cleaning services — you name it, we’ve got an integrated partner that can do it for you.

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