Wishbox Webinar: Boost Bookings & Revenue with Automation Tools

November 20, 2019 |

Smoother guest management, every step of the way

Guest management is no simple undertaking for short-term property managers. As Sapphire Stein of Wishbox pointed out in our recent Guesty-Wishbox webinar, hosts spend between 30 minutes to an hour communicating with each of their guests. And it turns out, all that time invested may not even be paying off as the vast majority of guest complaints on Airbnb identify customer service as a major source of frustration. 

Tired of putting in the time and energy to tend to your guests and still getting negative feedback? 

In this informative webinar hosted by Shelbi Lifshitz, Sales Team Leader at Guesty, Sapphire walks us through the complete guest journey from pre-arrival to checkout and demonstrates how automation tools help you grow your business and make guest management smoother every step of the way. 

Additionally, Sapphire explains how property managers can take advantage of upselling opportunities in order to effortlessly increase their annual revenue by as much as $600 per unit. 

Shelbi then relays the benefits of syncing a sophisticated automation solution like Wishbox with an end-to-end property management software like Guesty. She explains how a seamless integration between the two can enable the platforms to “communicate” with one another without requiring you to manually input information, so you get more time and happier guests. 

Finally, Shelbi and Sapphire took turns answering our viewers’ questions. Here are some highlights:

Q&A Session

Q: Is Wishbox available in other languages?

Yes, the platform is available in over 10 languages and is auto-translated into the guest’s native language, which is definitely one of the ways we help you improve communication with your guests.

Q: Does Guesty have any new features expected to drop soon?

We have a jam-packed road map, even for just the rest of this year. New partners, new integrations, new features, document management, sending of quotes, developments to our Multi-Calendar and so much more. I encourage you to schedule a demo with us if you haven’t already and we can talk about what’s coming, what we already have and how it will work specifically for your business.

Q: What kind of services can be offered through Wishbox?

You can offer any service that comes to mind. In our Learning Center we have a great list of ‘upsells’ just to give you ideas. You can offer tours, food supplies, a welcome box, and you can connect to external suppliers.  There are a lot of options and you can limit what the suppliers can do, but if you don’t want to do any of the setup you can also just invite an external supplier and have them upload their services and very easily offer more local services to your guests.

Q: Do I still have to go into all the OTAs and adjust the information on my listings or can I put the information on Guesty and it will be filled out on each OTA?

Guesty uses a two-way API integration that includes most content. If you create your listings directly in Guesty, we’re going to be able to publish and manage all that content within Guesty and it will sync to all of the different booking channels that you’re connected to.

Q: Can Wishbox process payments on our behalf in countries that are not supported by Stripe?

Yes, we do work with Payoneer so you’re completely able to process payments even if you or your guests are not located in a country that works with Stripe.