How Auckland’s Urban Butler Property Management Company Boosted Operational Efficiency with Guesty

November 09, 2020 |

Urban Butler is a property management company catered to corporate and leisure guests looking for short or mid-term stays in Auckland, New Zealand. Founder of Urban Butler, Jon Lawry, decided to ditch the corporate world and do something more fun, hence the birth of Urban Butler in 2017. 

Urban Butler experimented with linking calendars on various other software platforms to help manage their 40 properties, but these solutions weren’t enough. Once turning to Guesty, Urban Butler enjoyed that Guesty filled the cracks where the competitors were lacking.

“The thing we found appealing about Guesty was that it was both a property management company and a channel manager in one software and that just meant that any chance of issues is pretty much eliminated.”

Guesty’s integrations with other software and the ability to pull data and analytics from the platform have helped Urban Butler a lot. As Urban Butler expands, they still hold the core belief that providing local knowledge to guests is the key to success in the accommodation industry. 

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