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Self-Catered Kitchen Updates To Secure Bookings in 2022

December 06, 2021 |

Why Do People Choose Self-Catered Vacation Rentals?

More than ever, hygiene is a top priority for guests and property owners. Self-catered accommodation provides less chance of coming into contact with other people, whether in restaurants or other guests in a hotel. 

Even before the pandemic, self-catered vacation rentals were trendy, in no small measure due to their kitchens. Being able to cook for yourself is ideal for people with specific dietary requirements. It also offers flexibility and the ability to choose to stay in or go out, depending on weather and other factors. It allows those trying to eat healthily to know precisely what they’re consuming and can often be cheaper. 

Pandemic or not, self-catered accommodation will always be the first choice for many guests. So, creating a vacation rental that offers comfort, convenience, and an inviting kitchen will make your properties stand out from the crowd. 

What Should Be Supplied in a Short-Term Rental Kitchen?

For any self-catered property, the ability to cook and keep food is imperative. Vacation rentals should provide all the necessities to prepare meals. For appliances, this includes essentials like an oven and stove, a microwave, a fridge and freezer, a toaster, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. Then you will need cutlery, glassware, and food storage, like Tupperware. You may want to include nice-to-have extras for some added luxury, like a top-brand coffee machine or a bread maker. 

Along with cooking equipment, there should be surfaces to prepare meals and a space to eat. If you have limited or a smaller space to work with, try a bespoke work surface (oak is often a favorable material due to its quality and durability) for a fully customized counter that fits your space. Consider multi-functioning furniture, like a kitchen island, that could be used as both prep space and an eating area.   

A full oak work surface. Source: Norfolk Oak

Cleaning supplies, like dish soap and rags, are also critical. If you have a dishwasher, leave instructions and dishwasher tablets. Providing cleaning materials may encourage guests to leave the accommodation sparkling when they depart. 

How to Create a Luxury Self-Catered Kitchen

Along with using high-quality materials and modern kitchen appliances, some little touches can make a short-term rental feel like a home to guests. Pop some fresh flowers in a vase in the kitchen, and leave some locally-made jam, wine, or even bubbly for your guests to enjoy. 

Create a homely setting for families to cook and enjoy meals together, or a practical kitchen with mod-con gadgets for solo business travelers, depending on your property. Functionality may be necessary, but personal touches elevate a guest’s experience. 

Between guests, along with mandatory cleaning, ensure to thoroughly check everywhere for damage, dirt, or dust to make sure that your entire vacation rental is in perfect condition. 

Final Thoughts 

With short-term rentals booming in demand, decking out your kitchen with more than just the essentials is key to appealing to guests. Adding little luxuries, high-quality finishes, and making the most of the space will make your kitchen and whole property stand out this holiday season (and beyond!).

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