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5 Styling Tips for Your Short-Term Rentals From Guesty Partner FülHaus

August 28, 2019 |

Guesty’s about more than just making your short-term rental management operations simpler. Many of our tools and partnerships aim to help users enhance their guest experiences so that they can increase their bookings through positive reviews, personal recommendations and the creation of a loyal base of repeat bookers. 

Our partners at FülHaus know all about making an impression, and they’ve compiled a few simple suggestions to help vacation rental property managers create 5-star spaces. 

Read on to discover some simple ways to transform your rentals.


While many people view the styling and presentation of their rental properties as secondary concerns, the fact is, these finishing touches can completely transform your listing. By updating your decor, you can not only help secure potential bookings with impressive listing photos, but you can also give guests a lasting impression that will stay with them as they write their reviews of your property or decide where to stay on their next trip. 

Sure, styling right is easier said than done, but with these five simple tips to bring “hygge” (the Danish word for comfort + style) into your space, you’ll have a fabulously redesigned vacation home in no time!

5 Simple Styling Tips for Your Short-Term Rentals

1) Start With the Kitchen

One of the main appeals of vacation homes, as opposed to hotels, is that they generally come with fully equipped kitchens that allow guests to bring a taste of home along with them on their travels. As this is such an important part of your vacation home, make sure to give it the attention it deserves. Styling your kitchen doesn’t require a complete renovation. A quality chopping board and a few beautiful serving dishes can make a world of difference to guests when they’re whipping up a storm in the kitchen with friends and family.

2) Don’t Skimp on Textiles

Purchasing quality plush duvets and large throw pillows can add instant coziness and luxury to any bedroom. We strongly advise against going the polyester route. Whether you are renting a modern or rustic space, guests will always appreciate a great towel, big enough to completely enveloped them! These subtle comforts might not seem like a big deal, but they are important to guests and help contribute to the vacation vibes they’re surely chasing.

3) Light it Up

Incorporating table lamps, floor lamps or even a feature light that complements your rental’s style is a great way to bring both softness and functionality to your space. Whether you have no overhead lighting and need floor lamps, or want to give your guests the opportunity to read at night with some bedside lighting, the placement and purpose of each piece should play a big role in the lighting you choose. 

4) Add Character With Art

Give your property some character and an edge with a few tasteful pieces of art that go with your rental’s overall design theme. Make sure the orientation of each painting is right for its space. We recommend hanging landscape art above beds and sofas, while portrait pieces can be perfect for hallways or above a small dining table.

5) Use Books as Accessories

A grouping of books on a coffee table or shelf can add both visual and practical value to your property.  Try to find books that are within the color scheme of your room to help reinforce that design. Adding books with information about the city your guests are visiting or interesting and simple recipe books will both be useful to guests and enhance the homey feel they’re looking for when they choose to stay in vacation rentals.

Small Choices, Big Advantages 

These touches might seem minor, but their combined effect can really impact the tactile and sensory experiences you offer your guests. 

When tailored to the design interests of your target demographic, these additions will make a huge difference in the way your property photographs and presents itself, making it more enticing for guests to choose your property over competitors.

FülHaus’ Interior Design Solution

FülHaus is the complete international interior design solution for short-term rental managers, offering quick redesigns of all your properties, providing everything from furnishing and installation to a professional photo-shoot of the finished product. 

A proud Guesty community partner, FülHaus will grant a 10% discount to all Guesty users on orders of $50K or more.

There’s More Where That Came From

FülHaus is just one of the many management tools available in Guesty’s rapidly expanding Marketplace. Check it out to see how you could be saving time, enhancing your guests’ experience and streamlining every aspect of your property management business.

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