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How to infuse holiday cheer into every guest stay this season

Can you feel it?

The holiday season is upon us, and according to our latest data, it will be a promising one for the short-term rental industry, with reservation volumes far exceeding that of 2020 and even 2019 and nightly rates skyrocketing. 

As a property manager, this is your chance to leave a lasting impression on guests. An opportunity to make their stay so memorable that they’ll make staying at your property a holiday tradition. 

As always, you can count on us to help you deliver your guests with exceptional experiences, so to that end, we came up with three fun suggestions to get your guests into the holiday spirit. One tip for each holiday. 

Tip #1: What’s Cookin for Thanksgiving

We all know that the main event at Thanksgiving is a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Which is why it’s pretty safe to assume that your guests will be doing quite a bit of cooking over their Thanksgiving stay at your property. 

From the moment they arrive, make sure to let your guests know that you’ve got them covered. Remember, this is their first time in this kitchen, so any way you can help them familiarize themselves with it will be highly welcome. 

Use Guesty’s automated messages feature to supply your guests with all the information they need to prepare a feast when the day arrives. In case they’re not the cooking type, you can also suggest a local restaurant for your guests to deliver from. Oh, and if you want to earn extra points, how about leaving a little surprise to make the event even more special? 

Tip #2: A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly the cherry on top of the season and is slated to be the most expensive holiday in the US this year, with consumers booking at prices 53% higher than 2020 and 80% higher than pre-COVID 2019.

But consumers are going to be spending their money on much more than just their stays. As the big day arrives, make your guests feel at home with insider recommendations on the best Christmas markets or even where they can do some last-minute shopping.

Tip #3: Ringing In the New Year

As the year comes to an end, why not wrap it up on a guest experience high note? There’s no nicer way to celebrate than with a good bottle of champagne, and it’s even better when that bottle is already there, just standing by for you to pop it open. 

You can use a tech vendor like Guesty marketplace partner Welcome to have a bottle of champagne stylishly packaged along with other surprises, waiting at the property to make your guest’s new year’s eve unforgettable. 

Send an automated message to your guests to let them know there’s no need to run downstairs to get a bottle of bubbly this year.

It’s the Most Magical Time of the Year

This is panning out to be an exceptional holiday season. With pent-up demand to travel at an all-time high, your future guests want to make up for 2020’s “lost Christmas” with an incredible one in 2021. 

By having the right tools in place, you can ensure that every guest’s stay is memorable. Think outside of the box and use every occasion as an opportunity to demonstrate the highest standards of service to gain a loyal base of repeat guests that will act as your loudest brand ambassadors. 

Happy holidays, everyone! 

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