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Top highlights from our latest industry report: The state of short-term rentals: USA 2021 holiday edition

If last year taught us anything, it is always to expect the unexpected. And so, even the most reliable data and well-rounded predictions are not immune to change and fluctuations. 

Having said that, there is also no way to describe this upcoming holiday season for the US’s short-term rental industry other than extremely promising. 

In a comprehensive report featuring the latest Guesty data, a bright outlook emerges for the current state of short-term rentals in the US. With pent-up demand to travel at an all-time high, consumers are booking alternative accommodations well in advance to ensure a greater likelihood of reuniting with loved ones this year and are willing to pay a premium for it. 

Download the full report for all the insights you need to prepare your property management company for the 2021 holiday season or scroll down for some choice highlights.

Late Q4 2021 Outperforms Pre-COVID Late Q4 2019

According to our report, November and December 2021 reservation volume in the US is 377% higher than November and December 2020 and already 91% higher than pre-COVID November and December 2019. Although these figures are expected to fluctuate due to a holiday season impacted by the flu and the Delta variant, consumer intent to travel this winter is clear. 

Reservation volume Q4 2020 vs Q4 2021

Christmas Slated to Be Most Expensive Holiday of the Year

Christmas is projected to be the most expensive holiday in the United States this year, with travelers eager to take advantage of their vacation days, booking at rates 53% higher than 2020 and 80% higher than pre-COVID 2019. 

The average nightly rate for Christmas 2021 already sits at $599/night, compared to $392/night in 2020 and $332/night in 2019. 

Vacation rental prices 2021 vs 2020

Domestic Travel Still Reigns Supreme

Even though the US travel ban on 33 countries, including members of the European Union, China, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, and India, will be lifted this November, spurring an increase in international tourism to the States, this Christmas will still be an almost entirely domestic affair.

93% of Christmas 2021 reservations across the United States are domestic, compared to 80% in 2020 and 72% in 2019. 

Domestic travel in the U.S. in percentage

There’s A Lot More Where That Came From

Want more holiday booking data, advice, and tips from Guesty’s top experts?
Download the full report to access exclusive insights on the current state of short-term rentals in the US.

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