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5 tips to effectively stock and manage your Airbnb inventory

This is a guest post by TurnoverBnB, a centralized communication and management platform for all your vacation rental projects. The user-friendly app makes scheduling turnovers, automatic payment processing, and communicating with customers easy.


When hosting a vacation rental, one of the most important and challenging tasks that managers face is keeping a close eye on physical inventory. Thankfully, vacation rental technologies such as the TurnoverBnB checklist feature now offer tools and processes to efficiently monitor stock issues and organize business processes.

Why Keep Tabs on Your Vacation Rental Inventory?

Vacation rental managers face many concerns like theft, property damage, and big messes. What’s more, inventory management is a management issue that Airbnb hosts and cleaners face during every turnover. Airbnb hosts must keep track of stock to create an optimal experience for guests, as well as save money by budgeting for supplies.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best resources for Airbnb hosts to manage inventory quickly and accurately.

1. Get Organized (and Stay Organized)

As tempting as it may be, do not skip this step: Take a detailed account of any and all items in the rental. We recommend using a spreadsheet or physical inventory sheet to document the items that will be used by guests and that will need to be replenished. 

If possible, Airbnb hosts should install a lock on a closet or storage unit in the vacation rental to hold extra supplies. By having inventory ready on-site, cleaners can replenish supplies quickly and easily.

2. Only Stock Your Airbnb With Essentials

To avoid excess issues with theft and damage, Airbnb recommends keeping just the essential amenities on hand such as:


  • Toilet paper
  • Hand and body soap
  • Towels (one towel per guest)
  • Linens (one set per guest bed and one pillow per guest)


Some guests may also want the ability to clean during their stay. You can help keep guests comfortable and safe by stocking your space with basic cleaning supplies they can use, including:


  • Disposable paper towels
  • Disposable gloves
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Disinfectant wipes or spray
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer


If you feature any of the following additional amenities in your rental, also consider the supplies that may be needed for maintenance or usage:


  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Free parking
  • Kitchen
  • Pet-friendly space
  • Pool/jacuzzi
  • TV/cable
  • Washer/dryer
  • WiFi

3. Use an Airbnb Inventory Checklist

A vacation rental inventory list is an excellent tool to help organize cleaning processes. Create your own using a free template, or start one from scratch. We recommend including a section on your checklist for replenishing items that are running low or are out of stock.

By having your cleaners use an Airbnb inventory checklist, you can make sure your vacation rental cleaning goes smoothly during every turnover. Especially useful for newer employees, checklists allow a thorough inspection of all things inventory.

4. Automate Your Inventory With An Operations Management Tool

Having a tool to track and manage your inventory is a feature that Airbnb hosts request the most. 

So crucial it is to hosting and operating a vacation rental, TurnoverBnB even created a checklist view that hosts can personalize by the property to help maximize revenue by reducing waste, loss, and mismanagement. Cleaners can use the inventory management feature to keep track of their work and notify hosts when inventory passes a certain threshold. Once the cleaners click a button that a supply is running low, the hosts are automatically notified to replenish the item, which helps simplify the process for cleaners and cuts down on miscommunication.

5. Document With Photos

Photos and videos are a powerful visual aspect of inventory management. Taking a photo of a fully stocked cabinet can ensure cleaners have a clear idea of your expectations. A visual can also provide evidence in case of damage or theft. 

For new cleaners, we recommend walking them through the unit. If a physical walk-through is not possible, the Airbnb host should create a series of images of the property that includes instructions on restocking inventory.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the inventory feature. 

Automate Your Airbnb Inventory

By taking a few moments to set up your Airbnb inventory checklist, your cleaners will be able to ensure the unit is ready for the next guests — just one more strategy to ensure a successful turnover.
Ready to automate your Airbnb inventory management? Connect with TurnoverBnB.

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