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Feature Update: Owner Stay Tasks

November 04, 2021 |

You’ve asked for it, we’ve listened, and today we are thrilled to announce the latest update to Guesty’s Auto Tasks feature: Owner Stay Tasks. 

What’s New?

Guesty users will now be able to set housekeeping automation for owner stays with Auto Tasks to reduce their manual work and prevent human errors—minimizing the risk of guests or owners checking into a dirty property following an owner stay. 

Prior to this update, Guest Stays were the only viable Type of Stay for Guesty users to set up Auto Tasks. With this new update, users can set up an Auto Task for two possible Types of Stay; Guest or Owner

Now, even if your owner is staying at the property, you can easily automate a task to have the property cleaned before your next guests arrive. Conversely, you can use this feature update to prepare, clean, or even have a special inspection of the property before an owner stays. 

This update is another milestone in answering and alleviating housekeeping pain points involving owners. Guesty users who were previously struggling with managing ongoing cleaning procedures surrounding their owners’ stays can now rest assured that we’ve got them fully covered. 

For all information on how to use this new feature update, follow this link for the relevant Guesty Help Center article. 

Stay tuned as many more exciting product updates are on the way. As always, feel free to share your requirements and feedback with us, so we can continue making Guesty the perfect solution for your unique property management needs.

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