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Guesty Joins Forces With PointCentral to Wow Your Guests With Home Automation

February 07, 2019 |

Simplified, From Start to Finish

If you’ve visited Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace recently, you know that it’s chock-full of third-party resources that complement Guesty’s goal of simplifying our clients’ operations from start to finish. We’re pleased to announce that PointCentral, the newest member of our Marketplace, does a whole lot to further that cause.


Better for Guests = Better for Hosts

A home automation system that enhances your guests’ experience from the moment they arrive until checkout time, PointCentral facilitates keyless entry, staff coordination, and energy saving and security measures.

You already know that Guesty’s platform stores all of your reservation, guest and listing data.

Syncing PointCentral with your Guesty dashboard gives its system access to all of this information, so relevant parties can be automatically contacted at the right times with the right information.


Here’s How it Works

Guests are alerted when the rental is ready for their arrival and given a temporary passcode in order to enter. The code expires when they check out, at which point the cleaning crew is notified that their services are required and provided with a unique passcode of their own. After they’ve completed the cleaning, your inspection team is next in line. With their approval, the rental’s status is updated and you, the property manager, are sent a message indicating that the property is ready for incoming guests.


Stay in the Know

As the manager, you can check in on operations at any time from the device of your choosing. The platform is cloud-based and boasts cellular reliability, which means it isn’t dependent on a strong WiFi connection. You can also monitor the temperature of your properties and make adjustments remotely.

“Integrating property automation technology with vacation rental property management software brings another level of control and operational efficiency to vacation rental managers,” adds Sean Miller, president of PointCentral. “This integration with Guesty lets property managers eliminate keys, send guests automatic notifications when properties are ready for occupancy, limit settings on thermostats and manage the performance of their HVAC systems – increasing guest satisfaction, improving operations, saving energy and protecting assets.”

At Guesty, we’re all about consolidating your tools, so we’re super excited to be incorporating such a multi-faceted solution. We can’t wait to see our users benefit from this partnership.

Our vision for the future of the industry is complete automation of operations,” says Guesty CEO, Amiad Soto. “We are thrilled to be partnering up with a like-minded company that is doing its part to usher the short-term rental sector into a new age.”


Time is Money

Automation means time saved. Our own automation tools coupled with integrations like this one are helping Guesty’s helping our users save upwards of 50 hours a week. All you’ve got to do is figure out what you’re going to do with all that time!

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