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In this new travel ecosystem brought upon by COVID-19, where short-term rentals have become mainstream, alternative accommodations are becoming the hottest new trend. Why settle for a villa when you can stay in a treehouse or a tent with all the comforts of a home? That’s why we hosted a virtual meetup to hear from unique property management companies about how to create memorable experiences that guests will love.

During the meetup, Paul Zukauskas, Guesty’s VP of Global Customer Success, shared the virtual stage with Joseph Ayres, Owner & President of Treehouse Grove and Ayres Vacation Rentals, and Todd King, VP Marketing & Communications of Tentrr, to discuss the marketing strategies our speakers have put in place to attract the right target audiences, and technology solutions that help property management companies exceed guest’s expectations at every stage of their stay. 

We rounded off the event with a panel discussion and an interactive Q&A session featuring questions submitted by our audience. 

For more resources to help you grow and market your vacation rental business, check out our Guestyversity page. Thank you everyone for joining and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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