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What vacation rental guests are thankful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and there’s a lot to be grateful for this year. According to Guesty data, Thanksgiving weekend reservation volume in the US is up by 302% compared to 2020 and 93% higher than 2019. Average nightly rates are 19% higher than last year (at $415/per night) and 58% higher compared to 2019. Following long months of social distancing, restrictions, and lockdowns, and thanks to ever-growing vaccination rates, families and friends will be gathering at vacation rentals across the nation to make up for the precious lost time. 

As a property manager, this is your opportunity to deliver guest experiences that will turn a one-off stay at your vacation rental into an annual family tradition that will keep guests returning to your properties for years to come. 

To help you achieve ultimate guest satisfaction this Thanksgiving, here are a few of the vacation-rental services and special features supplied by our wonderful Marketplace partners, guests will be extra thankful to take advantage of this holiday season. 

Contact-Free Experiences

Although there’s much to celebrate, we’re still not out of the ‘COVID-19 woods’, and guests will be seeking vacation rentals that offer safety precautions and as little non-vital human contact as possible. By using platforms like Guesty Marketplace Partner Operto, you can keep your guests’ minds at ease by providing them with digital check-in and check-out and contactless keyless access to your properties via unique access codes. This year, the “human touch” many times means no touch at all. 

A Little Surprise 

Although human contact is currently at a minimum, there’s no reason not to show a little personality. Using a service such as Guesty partner Welcome, you can surprise your guests with welcome boxes filled with goodies to get their holiday started on a sweet note. If you want to go the extra mile, you can pamper them with custom gift packages chock full of local wine, cheese, and other delicacies. 

Airport Collection

Families and friends will be arriving from all corners of the country, many of them after an almost two-year-long air-travel hiatus. To make their journey from the airport to your property smooth and hassle-free, consider offering a service like Guesty partner Cityride. By adding the Cityride link to your welcome email, guests will be directed to a booking platform, where the entire process, including special requests, will be handled A to Z by Cityride. As an added bonus, you receive a 5% commission for every completed ride. 

Baby-Friendly Amenities

Thanksgiving is all about family, and as always, many of these families will be arriving at your vacation rentals with their little ones. Traveling with babies is extremely stressful, and every parent knows that there’s a lot of equipment involved. Show your guests you understand and care by having all the gear they need to have a perfect holiday with their toddlers waiting for them at the property. Using Guesty partner BabyQuip, you can rent clean and safe baby gear essentials such as cribs, car seats, strollers, and toys delivered to your property—An effortless gesture that will mean the world to your incoming (and most likely exhausted) guests. 

Spotless Cleanliness

The last thing guests arriving to enjoy Thanksgiving want is to be put off by the state of the property. We’ve all had at least one such experience, arriving at a rental or hotel room only to find it messy, dusty, and uninviting. Of course, keeping your properties cleanliness up to par isn’t always an easy task, especially when managing dozens of listings during the peak of the holiday season. This type of pressure is precisely what Guesty Marketplace Partner TurnoverBNB is designed to alleviate with its automated cleaner scheduling app and a local cleaner marketplace to find your next cleaning professional. 

All the Ingredients You Need

There are many ways you can enhance your guests’ stays this Thanksgiving, and this list, more than anything, was created to inspire you to maximize the potential of what is shaping to be an auspicious Thanksgiving weekend. Our Marketplace is brimming with incredible services you can integrate with your Guesty platform to cover every single facet of your guest journey. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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