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A day in the life of a regional enterprise account executive at Guesty

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and a strong sales team understands that it’s not just about closing deals. Rather, it’s about building trust between themselves and their customers. We spoke with Regional Enterprise Account Executive, Larry Harrison, to discuss the role of sales at Guesty, his approach to selling, and what he finds to be the most important aspects of his position at Guesty.

What’s a typical day for you as Regional Enterprise Account Executive at Guesty? 

“I try to focus my day on either prospecting for clients, speaking with clients on either demonstrations or discovery calls, or following up with clients to close sales. In addition to sales activity, you must also focus on daily administrative work within Salesforce, which includes updating the lead list and pipeline reports. My typical day begins by reviewing the previous evening’s notes and notifications. I then review my to-do list and focus on the highest-priority tasks first.” 

What are some of the important steps for successfully completing a sale? 

“Step 1: Establish rapport.

 Step 2: Establish an up-front contract.

 Step 3: Uncover the prospect’s ‘pain’.

 Step 4: Get the money issues out on the table. 

 Step 5: Discover your prospect’s decision-making process.”

How did your career in sales begin? 

“I started by making outbound cold calls for a lead generation company during college. I then shifted towards managing inbound sales call centers for four years.” 

What personal traits do you possess that you find beneficial to your role in sales? 

“I am very competitive and also enjoy building new relationships while solving problems.” 

What steps do you take to develop strong relationships with potential clients during a sale? 

“I always try to establish myself as a consultant. My goal is to determine a good fit, not simply to make a sale.”

How many clients do you typically work with at a time in the sales department? 

“An individual sales executive may have five to ten hot deals while managing an existing robust pipeline. You also need new leads to enter into the sales funnel. Prospecting is important [too]!”

How do you measure success in your job? 

“I measure success by my ability to help our clients become more profitable and scalable.” 

What’s the best thing about the job? 

“I really enjoy working for an industry leader – The Guesty product sells itself!”

What is the most challenging part of your job? 

“The most challenging aspect of my job is trying to efficiently manage the needs, fears, and wants of our clients while also focusing on pushing all selling cycles forward.”

How closely does the sales department work with other Guesty departments? 

“The Enterprise sales team works closely with contacts across every department within Guesty. As a group, we are committed to better leveraging the subject-matter experts within our organization. I want to be of value to our company whenever possible.” 

Do you use any unique sales techniques that you find to be particularly effective in the sales process? 

“I pattern my selling process after The Sandler Selling System. It’s an old-school process but it helps me organize my selling flow.”

What long-term goals do you have for yourself as a Regional Enterprise Account Executive? 

“My long-term goal is to build an established book of business in the southeast, which will help to create more awareness about Guesty. I am [also] focused on helping my clients become more profitable and [on] creating an inbound lead funnel.”

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