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How to connect your Vrbo account to Guesty.

Connecting vrbo to guesty

VRBO is a platform that connects travelers with property owners and managers. On VRBO, guests can find over two million vacation rentals of all kinds within your budget – lakeside condos,  mountain cabins, beach homes, and more. This platform is unique because, through VRBO, homeowners rent out the whole property. 

With seamless integration between Guesty and VRBO, homeowners can easily manage their listings through Guesty and property owners can discover the plethora of features that exist. For example, enabling message sync between the two platforms, publishing listings to your VRBO account, and changing a VRBO listing’s cancellation policy. 

You can connect VRBO with Guesty at any time, and linking your VRBO account to Guesty is an easy integration process. Leveraging your company by turning over the respective information to Guesty will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business

Following these simple steps, you can be on track to gain more leads, attract more users, and reach higher rankings.

Begin the set up by logging in to your Guesty account. From there you can hover over Integrations, click Distribution from the Drop Down menu, and finally under the HomeAway/VRBO thumbnail click Add New Account. After filling in your account settings, simply wait for all of your listings to load, select the listings you wish to publish to VRBO, click Add listings to VRBO, and you can later find your listings published to the site.

The final part of this account connection process is handled by VRBO. VRBO will create an Activation project. Once your Guesty integration email address is entered into your VRBO account, you can ensure that messages from guests are received in Guesty and vice versa

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