How to connect your TripAdvisor account to Guesty.

TripAdvisor is an online travel platform that provides user-generated content for travelers looking to plan or assess a trip. Through their site, TripAdvisor offers online hotel reservations, bookings for transportation, lodging, travel excursions, and dining. It empowers users to plan and enjoy an ideal trip, and provides them with the tools for discovery.

TripAdvisor rental owners can manage their listings through Guesty. Users can directly manage their listings through their Guesty account, allowing for automatic reservation export, a two-way calendar sync, and easy enablement of instant booking. This partnership allows for smooth operations and helps rental owners  manage their properties with ease.

Now, with Guesty’s ever-expanding Integrations Marketplace, you can connect your TripAdvisor account to Guesty. The integration is simple. First, sign into your Guesty account. Next, in the top menu, hover over Integrations. There, a drop-down menu will appear- click Distribution, followed by the TripAdvisor thumbnail. From the top right corner, select Add new account, confirm that you indeed have a TripAdvisor account, inout the necessary information,  and finally click Next. 

Within three days, the status will change to Connected and Guesty will notify you once the status has changed. To complete the connection process, sign into your TripAdvisor account. In the top right corner, click the profile icon. From the drop-down, select Contact settings. Then, choose the Inquiries and bookings checkbox, enter your new email into the Inquiries and bookings field, and Save. 

Lastly, in the top menu, click Listings. Then, select Preferences from the drop-down, and under Auto-Update select Yes for all fields. Once you’ve scrolled to the bottom and pressed Save, you have completed the process.  

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