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I want my properties listed on as many channels as possible, but that requires a lot of time and energy.

With Guesty’s Marketplace, it’s never been easier to discover new booking channels and OTAs to list your properties on.

Take your pick from our array of partners to seamlessly connect to, such as Airbnb,, Homeaway and more, and instantly give your listings maximum exposure with minimal effort.

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Updating one listing at a time is holding you back in more ways than one.

Guesty’s Channel Manager is the heart & soul of our platform, acting as a central hub that connects you to all your booking channels.

Any addition, revision, or update made to your listings only needs to be recorded on Guesty — our platform will then immediately push that information to your connected channels. Nothing will save you more time, prevent more errors, or better enable your growth.

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Your homeowners expect frequent updates on how their properties are performing.

Homeowners will love Guesty’s Owners Portal — a dedicated space that gives your property owners direct access to the information that you don’t have time to always provide on-demand.

Knock one more to-do off your agenda by designating which data homeowners can retrieve, and then simply provide them with personal login credentials.

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You want to utilize data to guide how you run your business.

Thanks to Guesty’s Analytics, you’ll be able to access a variety of data on how your properties have been performing to help you identify problem areas and make informed decisions.

Whether it’s general insights like which channels work best for your properties, or more specific findings like a property’s occupancy rates over the last year, we’re bringing you the information you need to better understand your business and make improvements where needed.

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You want your own booking website.

Take advantage of Guesty’s Branded Booking Website to create your own booking website at no additional charge. In addition to impressing guests & homeowners with your well-established brand, this site will also allow you to skip the OTA fees and maximize profits by acquiring reservations straight from your own channel.

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