Guesty Now Supports Flexible Inventory

In times of uncertainty, you need flexibility. Manage your flexible inventory on Guesty’s property management platform.

Find out if this is the best solution for you.

Flexible Inventory-Guesty

What Is Flexible Inventory?

With a flexible inventory model, you maximize your appeal to various types of guests as it means you have an existing portfolio of rentals that accommodate short-term and mid-term stays (also known as extended stays).

While short-term stays traditionally tend to last periods of days or weeks, extended stays typically last longer than 28 days, ranging to periods of a few months.

Why Is Flexible Inventory Beneficial Today?

In light of COVID-19, travellers are increasingly seeking out rentals for a month or longer to accommodate working from home, summer getaways in nearby drive-to destinations, isolation and many more scenarios.

With Guesty, you can better appeal to the needs of these personas by easily shifting your inventory without doubling your workload, giving you the added assurance of revenue stability during this unique period of time.

Why Is Flexible Inventory Beneficial Today?

What Are The Benefits Of Managing Flexible Inventory?

Longer-term revenue assurance & rental income

Reduced operations due to less guest turnover (less check-ins, cleanings, etc)

Less guests to spend time vetting and managing

Increased relevance and appeal for today’s “new normal”

How Does Guesty
Support Flexible Inventory?

Here are the key Guesty features that enable you to manage flexible inventory on our platform:

How Does Guesty Support Flexible Inventory?


Integrate directly with Airbnb’s
Monthly Stays program, along with other
leading mid-term booking channels via
our integration with Rentals United. For
any other key mid-term rental sites in your
region, you can manually approve and
record reservations from these channels
in Guesty to take advantage of our
features thereafter.

Integrate directly with Airbnb

a Quote

By allowing you to adjust prices,
offer custom quotes and hold
dates, this feature ensures that
you have the flexibility you need to
capture leads seeking both short-
term and extended stays.

short- term and extended stays.


Apply custom rate strategies to
your listings for Guesty to
automatically adjust your
prices and minimum night rules
accordingly, helping you
maximize both occupancy and

Yield Management


Automatically send guests
personalized agreements with your
terms and conditions to sign digitally,
reducing your vulnerability to fraud,
helping you fight false chargeback
claims and limit unwanted guest

Rental Agreements Guesty

Direct Booking

Create your own branded direct
booking website for free on
Guesty, enabling you to book
guests without the added channel
fees and making it easier for you
to set your own rules when it
comes to extended stay bookings.

Direct Booking Website

Custom Fields
and Filters

Filter reports and smart views by
length of stay to see your extended
stay listings at a glance. You can
also automate communication
exclusively for these listings by
creating a tag for them within
Guesty, allowing you to filter inbox
communication views.

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