Data and Analytics

Our comprehensive host dashboard generates statistics for your overall Airbnb business as well as for each of your listings individually. Here you can view both booking and guest analytics over the past 30 days, so you can assess how your business is progressing each month. When statistics meet strategy, success follows.

  • Sales Metrics

    Your dashboard analytics include data about the number of bookings secured, number of check-ins, alteration rates, and cancellation rates. These metrics help you evaluate and build upon Airbnb sales.

    From here, you can make countless insights about your success. Analyze your overall number of bookings and number of check-ins to assess how well your business is performing this month.

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  • Booking Statistics

    Your booking statistics include data about the average number of nights and average number of guests who book with you.

    With these statistics, you can see what a typical booking looks like for you. If the average number of nights stayed and occupancy rate are both low, you may want to offer discounts to promote longer, extended stays and increase revenue. Or, maybe you would like to raise the minimum number of nights offered in order to attract only higher paying reservations.

  • Pricing Insights

    All metrics on the dashboard are programmed to help you improve your pricing strategy. Among these metrics is Avg. Time Booking Ahead. This metric displays the average amount of time between booking confirmation and check-in date.

    Looking into past booking trends can give you insight into how you can best sell future bookings.

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How Can You Use Avg. Time Between Booking and Check-In?

Many of our customers tend to lower the prices if they need to fill in a last minute gap. The question is, what should be considered as ‘last minute’? The answer lies within this important metric.

For example, if you have a vacancy within two weeks, when should you reduce the price to fill in the gap? If the average number of days between booking and check-in is higher than 14, you may choose to reduce prices in order to attract more last-minute bookings than you usually would.

If the average number of days between booking and check-in is lower than 14, you may choose to raise prices in order to bring in more profit from your typical guest.