How Guesty Helped This Property Management Company Focus on Guest Experience and Growth

June 17, 2020 |

Evan Haskell, Founder and CEO of Urban Flat, shares his story of “stacking up” his number of properties and how he did so with Guesty. 

“Guesty has allowed us to focus on what we want to do, which is guest experience and growth.” – Evan Haskell, Founder of Urban Flat

Based in Los Angeles, Urban Flat operates small homes in L.A., Silicon Valley, and Seattle for business and leisure stays. With beautiful views and stellar service, Urban Flat makes the work-life balance possible. Evan Haskell explains his story of coming into the success that Urban Flat has reached today, and mentions that Guesty is “not only a leader, [but also] they’re a pioneer”.

Guesty has helped Urban Flat scale because of its “interface that is easy to use and simple”.

“…Overall property management interface is the cleanest in the industry and its the easiest to use”– Evan Haskell, Founder of Urban Flat

Evan explains that he feels like Guesty has his best interest at heart by creating efficiencies across the board. Other platforms could not support Urban Flat’s needs, and so they turned to Guesty. More so than any company Urban Flat has worked with before, Guesty listens like no other and helps them grow in tremendous ways. 

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