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17 of the Wackiest Guest Messages and Requests Received by Our 24/7 Guest Service Experts

 A few weeks ago we sat down with Guesty’s 24/7 Guest Communications team to find out which guest inquiries they received the most. While digging into this, they also shed light on some rather outrageous guest messages they had received too.

So without further ado, here are the 17 most outrageous guest messages and requests we’ve seen so far. Buckle up…

  1. Is there any hidden cameras that I need to know about? I like to walk around in the nude. Mom says I am overweight, but my kitty likes my man boobs. I try to shave my chest hair often, but sometimes I forget.
  2. Hi, My name is xxxxxx (we can’t very well show you their real name, can we?). I am 42 years old.My purpose for this trip is to find the destiny so we can help other people have a better life. Can you give me 10% discount please?
  3. Hi xxxxxx, what’s the floor space of your room, we have 2 guests (one is a fat man) with 2 large size luggage, can we open both of the luggages? Can it hold us? Hopefully can get your feedback, thanks.
  4. Hi. I’m really excited to stay in your beach house. I have a small request – would you be able to rent 4 or 5 hot tubs for us? Thanks!
  5. Hi xxxxx. My girl left her lid to her lunch container on the counter. Is there anyway you can mail it to us?
  6. I see from your photos that the chairs are green. They are ugly and don’t match the carpet very well. You should switch them for blue. Blue is much nicer and will make the room look bigger.
  7. URGENT!! I need you to call the police. I think someone has stolen my flip-flops.
  8. Is it at all possible for me to bring my pet ball python? His name is Larry and he recently turned 8 years old. He’s very friendly and isn’t scheduled to shed his skin during our stay.
  9. Can you please find me a local priest or shaman who would be able to ward off any evil spirits before I stay in the rental?
  10. Is there any nuclear radiation I should be aware of?
  11. Do you have any recommendations for a nice park nearby to sprinkle my father’s ashes? It was his dying wish.
  12. Last week I saw in the news that an Airbnb got flooded. Can you please check your pipes so that your Airbnb does not flood while I am there? I do not want my belongings to get ruined.
  13. Hey xxxxxx, I just wanted to make sure because this is my first time visiting Ohio – your building isn’t on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, right?
  14. Hello. We are group of university students wondering if the bathtub is big enough for our friend to sleep in? He’s only 163cm.
  15. It say that apartment come with parking space. Does also come with car? Only for trip. Not to take back home.
  16. Do your rental have outlet? It don’t say in the description.
  17. Do you think your neighbors will be okay having me for dinner? I am on a tight budget and am trying not to eat at restaurants. I am gluten free which they should know beforehand so that they don’t make pasta.

You Won’t Regret Signing Up for Our 24/7 Guest Communication Services

As funny as these guest messages and requests may be, you don’t need to be answering all of them by yourself. Your time is too valuable, so let out 24/7 Guest Service Experts take care of all those guest inquiries for you.

It’ll save you time and countless headaches, and if you want, our guest service experts are happy to forward you any strange guest requests, so that you can have a good laugh as well.

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out how Guesty’s 24/7 GCS helped one client grow his business by 1000%.

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