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The Voices of GuestyVal: Meet the Lineup for Guesty’s First Ever Short-Term Vacation Rental Festival

GuestyVal is right around the corner and there is so much to look forward to!

Guesty can’t wait to greet you all on October 8th, for three action-packed days brimming with opportunity and a variety of unique events aimed at fostering business growth and lasting connections between attendees.

From mingling with other prominent members of the industry in the beating heart of Tel Aviv to discovering some of Israel’s most renowned sites, Guesty’s first ever vacation rental festival promises to be one for the books.

But the real value of the event lies in its five-star lineup of speakers, comprised of a colorful array of impressive individuals from across the short-term and vacation rental sectors, all of whom will provide informative and enlightening sessions sure to contribute to the success of your businesses.

Short-Term Vacation Rental Festival

So what’s in store?

Manage Smart

GuestyVal’s two days of sessions will feature practical lectures on topics such as managing revenue, confronting the challenges of managing multiple properties across multiple locations and utilizing data to make better business decisions.

Play by the Rules

The conference will also offer insight into navigating legal hurdles, like achieving compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation and dealing with less-than-desirable guests.

Ready. Set. Grow

And, of course, there will be a range of workshops dedicated to fueling business growth and bolstering profitability, from increasing revenue per guest to expanding your listing portfolio to raising capital. We will hear from experts with proven strategies for effective branding and marketing of vacation rental companies.

Behind the Podium

Delivering these valuable insights are representatives of major industry players, including leading booking platforms Airbnb, and Rentals United, as well as property management operation companies like Properly, Transparent, PriceLabs, YourWelcome, Beyond Pricing and Safely. Joining them will be entrepreneurs from successful property management companies such as Bongo and Sweet Inn and financial experts from Ernst and Young and TLV Partners.

“Guesty has become one of the premier property management systems in a very short time, and we’re very excited to be a part of their first-ever conference, to meet their user community in person and find out what’s in store for future!”

Anurag Verma

Co-Founder @ PriceLabs

The Inside Scoop

Also speaking will be some of Guesty’s top experts, there to offer an inside perspective on the company’s operations. Attendees are invited to pull up a chair to a roundtable discussion about Guesty’s product and future developments led by our VP of Product, and will hear about staying customer-centric from our client success team. At the closing of the second day, Guesty CEO and co-founder Amiad Soto will share Guesty’s plans to stay at the head of this ever-evolving industry.

Here is a complete list of the speakers and topics you can look forward to hearing at GuestyVal:

Tackling the Challenges of Managing Multiple Properties & Innovation for Success
– Rik Swart and Pragya Tyagi, Product Marketing Managers at

How to Prepare for the Future of VR Revenue Management
– Kameron Bain, Director of Product at Beyond Pricing

How to Raise Money for your Business
– Shahar Tzafrir, Managing Partner at TLV Partners

Product Roundtable
– Guesty’s Product Team

Running an International, Premium Vacation Rental Company
– Yoav Roth, VP of Business Development at SweetInn

How to Increase Your Revenue Per Guest
– Henry Bennet, CEO of YourWelcome

Making Better Business Decisions: Leveraging Data for More Efficient Operations
– Pierre Becerril, CEO of Transparent

Impacts of GDPR on your Vacation Rental Business
– Olivier Mandel, Partner at Ernst & Young

Airbnb and the Vacation Rental Industry
– Philippe Coulon, API Manager at Airbnb

How to Build a Winning Marketing Strategy for your Vacation Rental Business
– Guy Meiboom, Vertical Manager at Facebook

Revenue Management Strategies for Short-Term Rentals
– Anurag Verma, Co-Founder of Pricelabs

Identifying and Eliminating the Worst Guests Legally
– Andrew Bate, CEO of Safely

What it Means to Be Guest Centric in the Digital Age
– Guesty Experts: Reut Peer, VP of Guest Customer Service and Vered Raviv Schwartz, COO

Advanced Growth Strategies via Hotel Sites
– Mathias Steyskal, CEO of Rentals United

The Rise of Branded Inventory and the Question of Certification
– Alex Nigg, CEO and Founder of Properly

How to Expand your Listings Portfolio
– Frank M. Valencia, Senior Managing Partner at Bongo Property Management

The Guesty Roadmap
– Omri Cohen, VP of Product at Guesty

Closing Session: The Future of Guesty
– Amiad Soto, CEO and Co-Founder of Guesty

For more information about the agenda and to purchase tickets to the event, please visit  the GuestyVal website.

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