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The new Guesty Multi-Calendar: Infinite scroll, saved filters, availability search & so much more

Everything you need to know about all your bookings in one place

A successful short-term property manager gets reservations from multiple sources, be they the various OTAs or your own personal booking website. While each channel will show you upcoming stays that were booked on that same platform, things are sure to get messy without a centralized calendar that features all of your reservations no matter where, or when, they were made.   

If you’re seeking an efficient way to view all your bookings and make on-the-spot changes to reservations, pricing, availability and minimum nights, then look no further. After a major update to incorporate 86% of our users’ requests, Guesty’s new Multi-Calendar is the tool your business needs.

What Can You Do With Guesty’s New & Improved Multi-Calendar?

Take a Quick Look at Your Bookings…All of Them

Logging into multiple platforms to view upcoming reservations is now a thing of the past. Synchronize bookings across multiple channels with Guesty’s Multi-Calendar, where all of your bookings – no matter where they were made – are visible in the same, accessible location. And when we say all of your bookings, we mean all of your bookings. The Multi-Calendar is now enterprise-friendly, offering users an infinite scroll that allows them to see all of their reservations on one page. 

Each reservation will include the name of the guest and the channel they used to book, and clicking a reservation will provide you with more details, such as the check-in and check-out dates, number of nights, number of guests and total profit.

Looking for a specific listing that meets all the unique requests of a potential guest? Combine multiple filters to find exactly what you need. The Multi-Calendar will remember your previous filters so you don’t need to reapply them.

Check and Change Availability

You’ve got a guest on the line and she wants to know which rentals are available. With Guesty’s Multi-Calendar at your fingertips, you’ll get an instant look at your availability and will be able to directly block off specific dates for your walk-in guests or manual bookings right then and there. The changes you make will be reflected across all the channels on which your rentals are listed.

Pocket More Profit

Whether you notice a slow week or hear about an upcoming event that’ll raise interest in your listings, you can adjust prices and your minimum night rules straight from your short-term rental calendar in order to optimize your revenue.  

Do it All From Your Phone

The new Multi-Calendar is still compatible with Guesty’s mobile management app, so users can utilize all of the calendar’s functions from the comfort of their smartphones.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you’ve got your phone, you’ve got Guesty’s Multi-Calendar in the palm of your hand. 

There’s More to Come

We’re not quite finished yet. In the name of making the Multi-Calendar as useful as possible, we’ve got big plans for the near future, including the ability to create reservations directly from the calendar and send quotes to potential guests with all the listings and prices relevant to their travel needs.

One Home For All Your Bookings

Avoid the mess that comes with getting bookings from multiple places by consolidating your entire schedule into one user-friendly location.

Guesty’s calendar provides a clear, bird’s-eye view of all your reservations so you can leave those dreaded double bookings behind and maintain a watchful eye over your rentals, ensuring you keep them booked and profitable all year-round.

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