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Why Online Check-In Will Be Critical After COVID-19

This is a guest post from our partners at the online check-in software provider, CheKin.

Given the new reality of COVID-19, it’s safe to say travel will look a lot different in the coming months. Even as governments ease restrictions, social distancing practices will continue. As the day-to-day operations of any property management company typically involve contact between employees and guests, going forward, it will be crucial to limit these points of contact whenever possible. 

One way to do so is by implementing an online, contactless check-in solution. This can be a great way to safely optimize your property management business, plus it takes the hassle out of a traditional check-in. This post will delve into the ways that self-check-in can streamline your operations and benefit your business as travel recovers.

Limiting Human Contact & Paper Transfer

Online check-in allows your guests to complete the entire check-in process without any human contact. They check in on their phones before arriving at the property by uploading necessary documents and quickly filling out forms. This way guests aren’t waiting in line in close quarters with others, nor do they have to interact with your staff. Online check-in creates physical distance between guests and staff while also reducing contact between guests at your properties. 

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Paperless processing also eliminates the transfer of physical documents, keeping guests and employees safe and ensuring documents are never misplaced. Digital uploads and cloud storage mean you’ll no longer have guests searching through folders full of documents or staff who can’t find the right form in an overflowing drawer. 

Cutting Down on Bureaucracy 

Online check-in keeps tiresome bureaucracy to a minimum, saving guests from the hassle of making passport copies, filling out forms and wasting time while their information is processed. With online, contactless check-in, all of that paperwork is done before the guest even arrives. There are built-in scanners to upload IDs and passports, as well as online forms to speed up registration. And as a property management company, your documents will be safeguarded in a cloud that communicates directly with the appropriate local authorities. Depending on what country you’re operating in, the law may require you to store documents for up to seven years — cloud storage makes that simple. 

Focusing on Your Guests

Guest experience should be the focus of your business. When you factor in all the bureaucracy, scanning, and uploading associated with traditional check-in methods, the process can take up to 30 minutes per guest. Online check-in reduces this time to as little as two minutes and makes it stress-free for guests. 

When you limit potentially unsafe points of contact at check-in and remove both the physical transfer of paper and the hassle of data processing, it leaves you with more time to focus on the guest and provide them the best and safest experience possible. These above-and-beyond experiences are what set you apart from the competition.  Not to mention, all this time saved gives you the opportunity to put more time into other areas of your business.

The Future of Online Check-In 

Major hotel companies like Marriott and Hilton are already using online and self-check-in practices to reduce excessive physical contact and improve the guest experience. Not only will safe travel options like online check-in solutions be crucial as travelers return to your properties, but they’ll also become the new expectation. 

About CheKin 

CheKin is the best software solution for guest registration legal compliance. The online check-in feature helps you automate the collection of all necessary guest information prior to arrival via a totally contactless process.

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