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Design tips for the ideal work-from-home listing

This is a guest post by Pierce Atkinson, CDO at Fülhaus.

As many of us adjust to a remote work lifestyle, we’ve begun to re-evaluate our new “office” environments. With people around the world seeking out better work-from-home escapes, property management companies have a new opportunity to spruce up their listings to suit the needs of remote workers. In this post, the interior design team at Fülhaus shares design tips on how to make a work-from-home office attractive for your guests, no matter the space or the size.

In the age of the digital nomad, a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, work-from-home rental is a must. When considering a work-from-home rental it’s important to think of the small details:

Choosing a Desk & Chair

It’s imperative to provide a functional work surface for your guests as well as a comfortable seat. Whether it’s a day of conference calls or crunching numbers, the proper desk and chair can dictate productivity. From sitting in five-hour Zoom meetings to spreading out all your papers and multi-colored markers for a brainstorming session, keeping these varied needs in mind will help you choose the right desk and chair to make all the difference.

Optimizing Your Electrical Set-Up 

Digital nomads are the new traveling salesperson. They rely heavily on their “digital” tools, whether it be iPads, laptops or smartphones. Having the proper outlets nearby or offering charging stations is a huge asset to keep guests coming back. The same goes for ensuring your rental has fast WiFi.

Maximizing Storage

Depending on the length of your rental stays, having proper storage is a great amenity.  Whether your guest is staying for two months or two days, offering a small filing cabinet or drawer space is a great way to allow guests to stay organized and tidy.

Setting the Right Mood With Lighting

 When adding a work area to a unit, ensure you think about how the space should be lit. Consider working hours and access to natural light. Apart from ambient lighting, a task light is a must. Lamps with dimming features are great as the strength of light can be regulated for different purposes and times of day. Look for lamps that produce natural white light (especially if your access to daylight is limited). 

Creating the Right Look & Feel 

When adding a work-from-home area to an apartment, it’s important that the new items of furniture work with the rest of the apartment from an aesthetic standpoint — especially if the office set-up is part of a bigger space. In this case, consider blending the work area as much as possible with the existing design of the room; think similar finishes, colors, shapes etc. 

About Fülhaus

Fülhaus is here to help with solution-oriented designs that best suit your needs through the “Haus in a box” furniture package service. Fülhaus’ furniture rental program makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to rent your work-from-home look.

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