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New & Improved: How to Make the Most of Guesty’s Online Booking Website Builder

September 25, 2018 |
Make the most of Guesty's online booking website builder

Guesty’s here to lighten your workload while helping to bring you even more guests. That’s why we offer time-saving features like a powerful channel manager, an efficiently organized unified inbox and a full range of automation tools ready to tackle your repetitive daily tasks.

But we also want to help you increase revenue and grow your business, which is where our booking website generator comes in.

With the click of your mouse and at no extra cost, Guesty can build you an online booking site of your very own, complete with your full listing portfolio, pricing and availability. Stamp the site with your distinct company brand and enable direct bookings that aren’t subject to OTA fees.

Online Booking Website

Sounds great, right? But we’re not finished!

You’re unique – your vacation website should be too. Guesty has recently taken steps to make your personal booking platform a whole lot better and a whole lot more “you”.

What You Can Do With Guesty’s Updated Online Booking Website Generator

Feature Listings

Have specific listings you want to promote? Maybe you’ve recently added a new rental to your portfolio or know that some properties are more appealing during certain seasons?

Online Booking Website

Now you can customize the homepage of your vacation booking site to feature the listings of your choosing and change it up whenever you’d like.

Clear the Clutter

Are all your listings in one city? One building? Do away with non-applicable features like the city search filter or the map.

You want a clean, user-friendly holiday booking website. Keep what matters and get rid of the rest.

Personalize It

Online Booking Website Theme Colors

Your website should reflect your brand and now it can. Dress your site in your company colors so that it is in line with any other sites or platforms you may use to market your listings. Create brand recognition so when guests see it, they’ll know it’s yours.

You’ve got a great online booking site. Now what should you do with it?

As you can tell, we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring our software can generate the finest online booking sites for our clients. But the work doesn’t end once the site is built. Here’s how to make the most of this feature and use it to grab as many guests as possible!

Best Practices for Your Branded Online Booking Website

Make a Good Impression

Websites have roughly eight seconds to make an impression on a user. No pressure, right?

Start with a captivating title that’ll have visitors lost in thoughts about their next vacation. When crafting your title and subtitles, ask yourself:

    • What can I say about my listings that is special and unique?
    • How can my listing’s location add to my guests’ experience?
  • What popular local landmarks are nearby?

When included as keywords in your site’s headings, all of these details have the potential to increase your ranking in search results and keep viewers on your page once they’ve found it.

Make It Your Own

There’s a reason you should have your own online booking website and it’s about more than just avoiding OTA fees. A personal vacation booking site is the perfect platform through which to showcase your company’s brand and create trust amongst guests. Once they know who you are, they’ll know they can depend on you, and seeing your colors, logo and other representatives of your brand will assure them they’re in the right place!

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of our customization options and add your own logo, color scheme and site domain.

Make Them Book

Content cannot be ignored, and yet it’s one of the main aspects of a booking site that property management websites tend to overlook.

This is the place to sell your listings and remove any doubts your potential guests may have. The website generator will import the descriptions of all the properties on your Guesty dashboard, so make sure those descriptions are up to par.

Online Booking Website

You can also add ”About” and ”Services” sections for your company that will be visible on your Guesty Booking Website homepage, as well as a map that plots all your listings.

The Ultimate Channel

Creating a vacation booking site isn’t just a means of casting a wider net. Nor is it just another platform from which to market your rentals – it’s your platform, there to tell potential guests what accommodations they can book and, more importantly, who they are booking them from.

Sure, travelers want a nice place to stay, but they also want the security of knowing their host is a reliable, responsible and experienced property manager. With Guesty’s website generator, you can give them that.

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