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Be a better Airbnb host: Tasty treats to leave your guests

Some people say that music is the universal language. Others say it’s math. But chances are you aren’t going to take the time compose a guitar ballad for your Airbnb guests, nor are you going to leave them a copy of Newton’s Principa Mathematica to peruse. So let’s think, what kind of universally spoken language can you use to let your guests know you care about them? Food of course! Everybody loves food, everybody understands food. For a tired traveler just out of the plane or car, a tasty house-warming is almost always exactly what they need.

Guesty-For-Airbnb Hosts

Now, here at Guesty we’re all big techies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some culinary wisdom to impart. Give your guests a welcome they can sink their teeth into with some of our favorite treat recommendations:

Fresh, Local Fruit

This is the kind of treat even a health-nut guest can get into. Leaving your guests a bowl of some of the local fruits will color your listing’s kitchen and introduce travelers to the flavors of the area. If you live in California, maybe store a carton of fresh strawberries or cherries in the fridge your guests can snack on in the morning. If you live in Beijing, some dragon fruit and lychee from the closest market will do the trick. If you live in a place where fruit is hard to come by, like say Northern Europe, don’t despair. A nice fish in the freezer will work just as well.

Cookies or Brownies

The dynamic duo. If you have the time (if you’re using Guesty to manage your listing you likely will), a homemade dessert will not only comfort your guest’s taste buds—it was leave the house smelling warm and sweet as well. Here are some Guesty-approved recipes:

Coffee Grounds or Tea

Nothing says home sweet home like brewing your beverage-of-choice in the morning. A small package of your favorite ground coffee beans or tea leaves left in the cupboard can cure even the most extreme cases of jet-lag.

Cheese + Wine

A bottle of cheap wine and good cheese is a great way to loosen tongues, start conversations, and help your guests unwind after a log day of traveling or sightseeing. Your guests will be sure to give you extra points for classiness.

Nutella + Crackers

If strapped for time, this pairing never fails. It is inherently perfect.


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