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Top apps for the busy Airbnb host

Airbnb is becoming more popular by the day and the number of guests to keep track of is rising. If you’re a host being weighed down by question after question then a plan and list of tools can be a great help. There are lots of apps on the market perfect for supporting hosts trying to keep their guests happy. Here are a few that can help make the experience a little easier:

No need to wait around

Whether you’re there to welcome them or not, it’s always good to have an idea of when your guests are due to arrive. Traffic can be as unpredictable as flights, but it doesn’t mean that hosts should have to be waiting around all day guessing. If a traveler is flying, FlightAware is perfect for keeping tabs on when a flight is due as well as letting you know of any delays, changes or cancellations. If they’re driving, Waze is the app for the roads with real-time traffic and updates to help with directions and give a better idea of timing.

Keeping in touch

Many travelers don’t buy roaming plans or local sim cards and rely on a WiFi connection to communicate with their host, making apps like WhatsApp and Viber a lifesaver with helping to avoid the fees of foreign numbers. Don’t forget to ask your guests what their number will be during their trip so you can reach them if they aren’t planning on using their normal phone.

The world in your pocket

As much as some people like to know what they’re doing in advance, others prefer the opposite and appreciate a little input. As a host, it’s best to be prepared for either scenario, especially when it comes to a guest asking for recommendations on things to do and places to go in your city. While you may know the place like the back of your hand and could most likely find somewhere with your eyes closed, that’s not the case for visitors. If you’re trying to help with directions and locations then map apps are ideal, especially when they work offline and can save those costly internet roaming fees. Maps.Me is also a popular choice known for its offline travel guides but for Apple lovers, Pocket Earth is the way to go.

Don’t let a rainy day ruin everything

When you have guests with big plans for their trip, it’s always helpful to have the weather behave accordingly. Between packing, traveling and everything in between, checking the weather is often the last thing on a person’s mind. This is a great time for a host to step up with the little help of an app like Weather XL or WeatherPro.

Organization with minimal effort

It helps to be prepared and know as much about guests as possible in order to improve their experience.
So why not make the most of the apps and programs available to do the work for you? If using a diary is your thing then a Smart Diary app can help with password protection, text entry and multiple color choices all while keeping up the appearance of a calendar. If you’re a note-taker and want everything in one place then Evernote is for you. The master of organization, from short lists to screenshots and web-articles, you can have all your guests details handy and synced across your electronic devices. If you have house rules or any info you wish to share then keep it all together in one folder so nothing gets forgotten.

Safety first

In the event of an emergency its always best to be prepared, especially as a host. While it’s always good to have a list of numbers, in the moment it can help to have details more accessible to save time fumbling around. The app needed for these situations is TravelSafe Pro which can help you find emergency numbers and other useful information like embassy details quickly and easily. The fact that the app can work without internet is another point in its favor towards making it a must-have whether you’re traveling or not.

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