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Be our Guest(y): Revamping your marketing playbook for 2022 – strategies to ensure a fully booked calendar

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to marketing. It seems like every day, a new tactic or marketing tech tool emerges, touting immediate results. To help you sift through the thousands of different ways you can build your marketing strategy, we gathered some of the industry’s foremost experts for a virtual meetup to share their insights into what actually worked in 2021, what was nothing more than plain hype, and what to focus on in 2022 to see your calendar fully booked. 

During the discussion, our speakers – Melanie Brown, Director of Data & Analytics at Key Data; Ali Lahrichi, Account Executive at Beyond; and Ana Cristina Rivadeneyra Balsa, Head of Marketing at Casai –  explored proven marketing playbooks and reservation predictions for the new year to help you attract and generate more bookings. They provided an exclusive look into what best-performing marketing tools you’ll need to ensure you have a strong online presence, making the most out of your direct booking site and tailoring your messaging on social media to specific personas —ultimately resulting in a fully booked calendar and a successful year ahead.

We rounded off the event with a panel discussion and an interactive Q&A session featuring questions submitted by our audience. 

For more resources to help you drive bookings in 2022, all registrants of this webinar can enjoy a complimentary year of Key Data’s Custom Comp Sets – a premium tool that allows you to build customized, competitive sets for each of your properties – by contacting [email protected] and referencing this meetup. All Guesty users with 10+ listings can also receive a free website audit and SEO analysis from Beyond through this link.

Thank you everyone for joining and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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