Most Popular OTAs For Vacation Rentals

When deciding which platforms to utilize to promote and advertise your vacation rentals, it is important to consider how much traffic each channel is getting. You’ll also want to consider how much competition you’ll face from other hosts, commission rates, language availability, global reach and a variety of other factors. 

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular OTA’s in today’s market:

Founded: 1996
Listing price: Free
Commission rate: 10-25%
Monthly visitors: More than 480 million
Properties: 6.2 million
Destination countries: 231
Languages: 43
SimilarWeb site ranking: 1 (for Accommodation and Hotels)

TripAdvisor Rentals

Founded: 2000
Listing price: Free
Commission rate: 3%
Monthly visitors: More than 450 million
Properties: 880,000
Destination countries: 200+
Languages: 26
SimilarWeb site ranking: 1 (for Travel and Tourism)



Founded: 2005
Listing price: Free
Commission rate: 8%
Monthly visits: 53 million
Properties: 2 million
Destination countries: 190
Languages: 23
SimilarWeb site ranking: 37 (for Accommodation and Hotels)



Founded: 2008
Listing price: Free
Commission rate: 3-5%
Monthly visits: More than 85 million
Properties: More than 5 million
Destination countries: 191+
Languages: 25
SimilarWeb site ranking: 2 (for Accommodation and Hotels)



Founded: 2005
Listing price: Free
Commission rate: 0
Monthly visits: More than 49 million
Properties: More than 700,000
Destination countries: 50
Languages: 32
SimilarWeb site ranking: 4 (for Accommodation and Hotels)


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